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Bad Boys Treat Me Bad (SHOCKER) & The Friend Zone

Published on 10 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

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"Oh woes is me!" + "Our relationship was really shit" = Yeah and "What was YOUR part in it?"

Self Pity, Whining - Sulk, Sulk Sulk.....

AND - this fucking LOSER - If you can't trust them with 10c, why are you trusting him with a million?

How many times do you need to get kicked in the teeth before you learn that skate boarding down the hand rails over the stairs, is a high risk proposition?

How come she is so fucking stupid that it's NOT "one lesson" + "badly burned" AND then saying "Oh fuck this, I am out of here!";

It's hundreds of lessons + every part of her life has been incincerated, and the retarded fuck just keeps on going.....

Time to turn the heating on a little, and warm the rooms up I need to do things in, and go do the things I need to get done.

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mrghoster 7 months ago

Did she say her boyfriend's name was TENA? Isn't that a make of TAMPON?

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sauger1001 7 months ago

Funny how she said the dude "was the first man I ever LOVED", but I bet not the first guy she ever fvcked. LMAO!

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TheRareBreedTheory 7 months ago


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Hammerhead69 7 months ago

Women thrive on abuse.

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sithsith 7 months ago

I am sure the blond bitch liked the big cock from the alpha dude, that is why she continued to pay for his ass!!

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