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Published on 01 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

Gents, If you choose this OPTION here are the 5 things to really think about before entering the Waifu life.

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BigBrianUK 8 months ago

RPM, You Tube nuked my channel for the fourth time, just for having the wrong point of view. I now watch You Tube videos using the Newpipe App. This allows you most of the functionality of the YT app but you don't need a Google account. You can subscribe to channels, make playlists, no adds play, you can't like or comment on videos, but I'm not missing the regular YT app.

Now that I've subscribed to my channels again, it's obvious You Tube is targeting mgtow and red pill channels. All of a sudden most of these channels display subscriber count unavailable, this is happening ONLY on the RP channels. YT is definitely getting ready to target these channels! Beware.

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Generationless 8 months ago

Size and weight is a very big consideration. My "diet woman" is 5'-10" and 75 lbs. It is dead weight. It is not as easy as a barbell to move because it is spread out all over. It will not help you position it as a real person would. I am still happy that I made the choice to buy though. I have hung it up in the closet for months at a time before, and there's no harping, nagging, or drama when I break it back out...no matter which head I put on it!

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Quoshi 8 months ago

long live the waifu laifu

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PhilatTheDollHouse 8 months ago

Bravo RPM!

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