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Avoiding Women Is A Good Thing - MGTOW

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Published on 16 Jun 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations because I didn't get any for today. If you want me to cover a specific topic you can do so through the Paypal and Subscribestar links found in the description. As for this video for most of it I'll discuss why it's not only a good idea to avoid women but a great idea and in the last little bit I'll give everyone my thoughts on the economy, stock and crypto markets. As for why you should avoid women first off because you don't want to get used as an emotional tampon. Most men don't internalize all the negative energy that they get from interacting with women and instead go to work and use other men as a dumping ground for negative emotional energy. Or they risk dumping it onto your friends, boss or some other poor schmuck in the form of road rage. What do you think the film falling down is all about? A man that's tired of being used as a man or male tampon and he finally releases thirty years of bloody goodness onto soyciety. If you try and do the right moral thing and bottle up all that negative emotion that women dump on you like I do then usually you internalize that negative emotion and it messes up your health or gives you anxiety issues. But if women don't dump it onto you then they get anxiety issues. It also saves you massive amounts of time to avoid women because it takes time for her to distribute her angst onto you. An hour or two of unproductive talking equals the lost opportunity cost of doing something more productive. Not to mention that you have to waste even more time after you see her dumping the emotional dump she took onto your head onto somebody else. Once you understand that they all do these sorts of things even your mother included you get anxiety just being in their presence expecting that dump truck full of emotional sludge to be dropped on your head. While you can't see the toxic waste you end up looking like Emil from Robocop on the inside after Murphy dumps him in a vat of toxic waste. Sometimes female contact at home or work is unavoidable. But if we men went on an attention strike for two or three days to a week women would love their collective minds because they wouldn't know where to dump their emotions. Women always threaten to leave men and part of that is so that you fear losing her validation. To mess with your self esteem she's gas-lighting you in many cases when she has zero intention to leave and what she wants you to do is get scared and give her your attention. If men went on that strike we would have the ultimate bargaining chip. Women would realize that we know the game and at first they would just laugh it off nervously like it was no big deal and then they would start bargaining and begging us for attention after they spoke to all of their girlfriends and they no longer had any outlets to get rid of their bad fefes. Every woman would be negative and the negative emotions would just amplify. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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Max_Dominate 10 days ago

Interacting with women in your professional and commercial life is fine. Mgtow is about judiciously interacting with them or not at all for self preservation. The bonus is that you will easily stack green to quote LOM. Not long after, you’ll have financial freedom.

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csehszlovakze 13 days ago

what's your guess on where BTC will bottom out?

   1    0
Philosophy 11 days ago

You're trying to time the market and that's only going to lose you money.

   4    0
csehszlovakze 11 days ago

@Philosophy: I don't have any because I saw the red flags early on, it's still fun to speculate about it.

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Bagoodman 13 days ago

(( UPDATE#6 )) There still at it - How to take off makeup , What's the best Tampon - I say DONT WATCH - Leave us one place for Men to have Peace - THE BAN GOES ON - Just say NO ! - THANKS .

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

Very soon, the "Pence effect" will no longer be exclusive to Wall Street and will extend to all areas of life.

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Mgvember 13 days ago

It's not just women you have to avoid 'lest you want to get pimped out. Their cis-male underlings are guilty too - if not, MORE guilty by today's standards. You forget that misery loves company...
Not a day goes by when simps aren't seen dragging men and often times, boys into their serfdom.

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