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Australia Kids Vaxination

Published on 22 Aug 2021 / In Film & Animation

OK - the disclaimer.
This is an alledged video of one of the kids getting dragged off for the vaccinations in Sydney Australia.
The cops look like they are NSW cops.
So the original title appears to be true.

It appears to be a situation in a hospital foyer / department waiting room... as far as I can see. It does not look like the stadium mass vaccination waiting room.

The father didn't want to leave, and the kid is obviously terrified.

AND they do not want to be separated.

Since I do not know of the actual back ground story - it could be true.

Or it could be some fiend getting some video, of some unfortunate situation, AND creating an allegation through the misuse of the title, claiming this is the case, who then posted it on the internet.

Who knows?

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Jessy 3 months ago

That's the democracy under gynocentrism. This is just the beginning and the worst is coming.

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AbyssWatcher 3 months ago

why aren't ppl killing these vax enforcers like they are doing in china?? well this is what happens after living under feminist governments; your strong men get destroyed or removed from the gene pool; now there's no one to stop these evil people

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bigintol03 3 months ago

Amen brother!

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pirania 3 months ago

This are fucking NAZIS !!

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