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Published on 06 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

This is getting beyond retarded now. Video says it all.

Source: Carl Vernon

Movie clip: The Outlaw Josey Wales
TV clip: Batman (1960's)

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Idea 01)

I hope that when being led from the court to the gallows, that the crowd surges in and kicks her to death and that it is live streamed.

Idea 02)

Mass Hangings or summary executions on their doorsteps.

Idea 03)

That is what the people of Kazakhstan did when they tried to mandate the killshots there, they hacked the central bank and found the names and addresses of all the politicians , judges and senior police officers who had been receiving large amounts of cash from Klaus Schwab and Soros. They then went to their houses, dragged them out and hung them then burnt their houses down. It's all gone back to normal now, their president is thought to be hiding in Saudi Arabia.

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10 months ago

OUTSTANDING and Well Done to the people of Khazakstan! If only the Christ-tard Sheeple of the West would be so intolerant of DEMON JEWS who come in to bargain away the people's freedom for filthy blood-stained ZOG money. LET THE SHOAH BEGIN!!!

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10 months ago

A special message for Klaus Schwab and his peers: http://www.imfdb.org/images/th....umb/e/e5/HEHSAA-5.jp

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Heavyhand 10 months ago

No way man. Did they really find information on politicians that Proof they were taking money from the WEF? Fuck. What a big deal. Oh and by the way a completely reasonable way to handle people like that

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TelepathicRapist 10 months ago

sometimes there is a gut feeling you get just looking at someone that gives you a bad vibe, its as if we have remnant instinctual traits that warn us subconsciously of some people. this creature has this vibe. then she opens her mouth and you become more sure, there is something evil and repulsive about this character.

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tekrat 10 months ago

These women in charge always look retarded.

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