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Auston Holleman Is Proof Passport Bros Are Lames Who Exploit Foreign Women For S3X


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Published on 28 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

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Dallas_LooksMaxxer 1 year ago

It's THAT bad.. lol

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Alchemichael 1 year ago

If you're really looking to protect yourself from the sun then you need a very wide brim hat.
Clearly you don't care how you look, so I'd recommend going to a gardening supply place; they have great hats for this.

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Alchemichael 1 year ago

I don't think you know how sunscreen works.
20 minutes before going out, wet your face with water from a spray bottle
then take the sunscreen and apply it evenly.
Make sure the sunscreen is diluted enough so it's more liquid than not.
Run it thoroughly in so that it can't be seen
Let ti dry and repeat.

You don't need to look like a bukake leper and you didn't even cover your whole face.
Don't forget the ears and neck (both sides)

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GutsBerserk7070 1 year ago

What? Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines etc. has been Australian and many Europeans sexcation for many decades. Not only them though Indians, Japanese, and Koreans. They have left many mixed children there. I know for sure the Philippines because I had Pilipino friends tell me + I know guys who go or have went. So these "black men" are doing exactly what these other men have already been doing for decades. I call BS on this. I myself have spent 6 years in Japan and 3 in Korea so I am not ignorant about travel. But yes these idiots need to stop putting everything they do online.

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See like these ones.


Get them a size or two bigger and they are loose and flowing over your body.

I saw a scientific study on "traditional clothing" of the desert dwellers - the Arabs, compared to the shorts and short sleeved shirts of the western hot weather clothing.

And the Arabic clothing, while not as cool as short clothing, it created an envelope of cooler moist air around the body - so the Arabs didn't dry out like prunes - so their water lasted a lot longer and they could tolerate higher temperatures, where as the westerners lost water at a prodigious rate, and without water and salts on hand to top up frequently, they died from dehydration and sun exposure very quickly.

So the clothing of the desert dwellers was VERY functional... It kept the SUN off their skin and slowed down moisture loss from sweating.

I mean you can wear what you want, but this style of shirt doesn't look too islamic - as in the hem, isn't down to your knees, but aroound the arse... and it's excellent sun protection.


If this was brought up to just below the arse cheeks, this would be really good and presentable.

It has a collar and top pockets and looks kind of western / office looking professional, but with a few sizes up, it would look very good on you. Plus it would keep the hot sun off your skin and being cotton, it would breath very well.


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