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Aussie Legend Stands Up To Police Intimidation And Wins

Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

Don't put up with the Covid Nazi Crap.
If there is ever a way for Noddy the Ploddy to make themselves MORE unpopular, it just to go out of your way to rub more salt into the wound just for shits and giggles.
Solo One

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sauger1001 7 days ago

Paraphrasing Rocky's trainer: "You see? You see? He bleeds! He's bleeding! He's NOT a machine! He's NOT a machine! He's a man"!
Police are NOT to be feared, but given respect, BUT ONLY IF THEY EARNED IT. Golden Rule (Mt. 7:12) still is a two way street. Intimidation tactics have just about worn out. Many of the buses I've ridden as of late, have become more lax with the face diaper mandates. Even though they keep up the "Masks required to ride" signs, enforcement has becoming more lax, as more people are FINALLY becoming red pilled, and see things are NOT as serious as they were led to fear. HELL, the Scandinavian countries have dropped their scamdemic mandates outright, and have banned the gene therapy drugs from their countries. If and when the airlines follow suit... look out. FUCK YOU KLAUS SCHWAB!

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