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At a Moderna Injection Site in Texas Adverse Reactions are Caught on Film!

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Published on 16 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

Still not getting it?

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RoboCat 19 days ago

Sounds about right.

A rushed, experimental vaccine to increase your defense against a harmless virus....... even if there were zero adverse effects, it makes no sense to do it. Corona virus was massively propped up through hysteria and propaganda. This is very obvious to people that are not dishonest (evil) or stupid. Therefore, the type of people that will suffer or possibly die from adverse reactions to the corona virus vaccine are people that we would be better without.

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James1225 19 days ago

Darwinism in action, critical thinking will let those who think survive. Lol it is an experiment in stupidity.

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Councilof1 20 days ago

I'm surprised everyone else didn't lay burnouts getting out of there. It's obvious they're survival instinct was removed. The system is amazing at modifying humanity.

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TheManInside 20 days ago

It sadness me talking to people who are willingly marching to the extermination camps.
Spoke to someone today who told me he is calling the "health" services to book his jab! I had to shut my fucking mouth before I said something that man wasn't ready to hear and explode.

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Generationless 20 days ago

I've been biting my tongue bloody too, people asking me when I'm gonna get the shot. I don't say a word and walk away.

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Mustang 20 days ago

And still the Sheeple get the shot!!! WHY DOESN'T THE EVENING NEWS SHOW CLIPS LIKE THAT?!?!?! Because it doesn't fit the narrative they are pushing!!!

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I support the shooting of these fucktards.

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icodeiexist 20 days ago

Not taking that shit either.

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