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Are You The Significant Other OR The Side Piece? | Popp Culture Uncensored

Terrence Popp
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Published on 03 Apr 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Men and wahmen cheat. They do it a lot. It's important to realize when you're not the main event. Here are 15 symptoms that you're someone's carnival sideshow.

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Vaul 7 months ago

05:34 Dah Jeeeeeezus!!!!

   0    0
KYOJIN 10 months ago

here for the strip show i have already watched this on yt

   1    0
Akurtz46 10 months ago

popp mentions the good stuff is here...WINNING!!!

   0    0
LongRedRoad 10 months ago

Popp for the win, lets see that would make???... well all of them are winners!

   0    0
KEEPER 10 months ago

When we turn to cannibalism, remember to eat vegans first.
they are the closest thing to grass fed.

   3    0
MrA_H0Ie 10 months ago

21:23 Okay, this straightened out my horror of seeing that 15 feet pole dance plummet to the ground at the start of the video.

   0    0
Madrigal Publishing Ltd

Oh, Sergeant Popp, where were you 25 years ago when I desperately needed your advice?

   1    0
rockriver223 10 months ago

Definitely like the mgtow tv thing
Hope it blows up for you.
Great video as always ?

   1    0
KEEPER 10 months ago

you can always help spread the message to youtubers who have not yet heard the news of this website. ive told many youtube channels mostly through the comments in videos. but the cool thing is it doesn't have to be just mgtow content, especially if we want this thing to last and be profitable. we need it to be much like youtube used to be back in the golden age of youtube. the website is already monetized. we just need more viewers and content creators so the company's that come here want to advertise on this website will find it valuable enough to make this machine work for everyone.

   1    0
Iiiper416 10 months ago

Once again Popp...on point and rockin’ the truth.

   2    0
bandersnatch45 10 months ago

#11 sounds like my on on again-off again girlfriend in college. I called it my yo-yo relationship. Whenever one of her other sources of penis would dry up she'd be right back at my door. The first couple of times it happened I was pretty tore it up about it. But as time went on and she continued the behavior I made the necessary adjustments (other women) and would bang her as opportunity permitted.

   1    0
JMV 10 months ago

OK, the hot body with Popp's head is going just a skosh too far. You may want to re-evaluate Blake for homo suspicion points, just sayin'.

   1    0
UnwillingVillian 10 months ago

Yea, tyvm for the nightmares. Winning nooo!

   0    0
Sirius 10 months ago

Always's just your turn.

   5    0
Subverted Group
Subverted Group 10 months ago

Do you ever get the impression that to women, all men are the side piece -- they're always looking for a better deal.

   3    0
AntiCuck1982 10 months ago

yeah... every relationshit is open in regards to women's behavior

   3    0
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