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Terrence Popp
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Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In How-to & Style

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By popular request, Popp creates another bug-out bag in a smaller scale for you survivalists and preppers. If you want to join the group, email Redonkulas12@gmail.com.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 1 month ago

Cold Steel is a great brand. I have one of their machetes. Tanto knives are fantastic too. I have a short sword that should come in quite handy.

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ancientredpill 1 month ago

One other note start watching videos on YouTube about back packing, hiking etc. you can learn a lot about survival, some suggestions Erik Normark, Matthew Posa, Synatx77, Nagualero, The Outdoor Gear Review look for videos on topics like the 20 most important items you need to survive in the wilderness you will learn things like how to start a fire with steel wool and a 9 volt battery, ingenious stuff.

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PlazmoidialSoup 1 month ago

Camping with Steve

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ancientredpill 1 month ago

What ever you do --do not rely on any type hand held high tech satellite communications, or map reading devices etc . for example Garmin-In-Reach, your I-Phone , all of these are traceable and in the event the SHTF these types of devices will be controlled by the government or military and they will need a code to access them. Get as many topo maps of the areas you think you will be in and a set of the old fashion roadmaps. 308 is great but I'm going with the 30-06 I have hunted with for years, a Remington 700 BDL with a Luepold 3X9, some night vision hand held optics and a N.V scope on a semi who's caliber will go unnamed.

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FeWolf 1 month ago

I have a mini ruck for mine with 1st aid kit

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fishandchicks 1 month ago

The Hegelian Dialectic
- problem, reaction, solution
I think we can agree that the Kung-Flu Hoax was a deliberate diversion to control the narrative of a predetermined global deflationary event. (The Great Reset)

Which had everything to do with a collapsing global fiat system, and if left to
decompose naturally, whole governments around the world would have been toppled.

This is a False Flag providing cover for the collapse of the global fiat system.
Yes, the virus is real (the annual flu) with a 99% survival rate. BUT yet the ill-informed are submitting to an experimental injection, multi-national organizations leading lambs to the slaughter… Those same multi-nationals that own the media & our politicians coordinate the message to over hype the reality of its effects; it is no more than a ploy… PLEASE open your eyes!!!

This is a simple fear porn story being played out for the public's benefit...

What they don't know will not hurt them, so let them bicker amongst themselves while
the plantation masters build an even more impressive jail to keep and train the

I am pretty sure this was the plan from the beginning... fiat has only ever run
for 45 years, and we are at the end of this ride...


Hey, I think this would be a great topic for you to research –- NEW LINK --- I have had to edit this link 3x ; they are going out of their way to keep this quiet!!!


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eldrazi317 1 month ago

Thank you my good man. I found it to be a very informative video on order 66. If you know what I mean. This is the reason why it’s important now than ever to become financial independent so that one can focus on creating.

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eldrazi317 1 month ago

@eldrazi317: A man wishing to thrive and improve himself should focus on obtaining a 400k to a million dollars. I think that is the minimum requirement to become self sufficient. Since having that amount allocated across stocks, bonds and high interest saving accounts plus use of CD accounts allows a man to not have to work for money but instead start working to obtain more opportunities in live. And with the rise of wealth one can focus on creating these companies and solutions that we hear everyone speak about in the manosphere. Such work will obviously take a lot of time and effort but if done right and wisely then anything can be achieved with sufficient time. The most important quality to strive for is to not be controlled by ones emotions. From what I’ve read fear and desire are the greatest emotions that the majority of people suffer from and as such they have a difficult time dealing with. To be precise the ability to control one’s fear of money and desire for more, more and more. Fir uncontrollably spending is the antithesis of wealth generation. One should instead be wise and selective in how end when they spend these resources since they are an extension of one’s free will and character as a person. One’s “stuff” is an extension of who they are and how they present themselves. And through a combination of saving, CD accounts with the highest interest rate you can find, same with online saving accounts one can build up their wealth given enough time. Especially if one invests in stocks and is wise about it—not putting in more than what is chump change fir that person.

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eldrazi317 1 month ago

Only by becoming your own master can things truly start to change...one ripple at a time.

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eldrazi317 1 month ago

Therefore, like I mentioned before investing one’s time, energy, and resources in worthless pursuits can leave one penny less. Be it finesse or any other area, as such one should try to be wise when spending their time, energy and resources for these things will be an extension of oneself and who they are.

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snake_charmers_jj 1 month ago

EDC recommend at least one TQ. My RATS fits in one mag of my double kydex bc most folks never think of after the shooting stops. So instead of 45+1 rounds I have 30+1. Extensive carry med TQ and clot agents are in gym bag and packs. Food for thought.

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nexus1961 1 month ago

Other than having to rely on an old Marlin .22, (which does have advantages, I can carry 500 rounds and not have them weigh my pack down too much) I pretty much have this knocked.. portable stove, dry-foods, bagged trail meals only needing water, 1000gal. filter-straw, couple of great knives (a korean-war-era Czech bayonet & a Bowie) and I'm also taking 2 folding slingshots with ammo(Marbles, hex nuts and ball bearings) for quiet attacks and small game..
Not counting the rifle, it still keeps the whole mess under 20 pounds, pack included.
Debating belt-carrying a couple of machetes, gotta love Harbor Freight!

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Salty 1 month ago

Live in CR, hundreds of hrs carrying machete. Carry in hand or strapt on back. After a few hrs waist carry will stress your hips/lower back and affect stride. Carry two strapt on yer pack/across shoulders and you become a hand to hand force mayeur.

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BillyWiz 1 month ago

I used to fire the old Mk4 .303 rifle a lot when I was a teenager. simple and reliable but watch out for the kick if the rifle is not properly in your shoulder!!

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Ratherbefishing 1 month ago

SMLE? Very underrated round the .303.

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PlazmoidialSoup 1 month ago

Zombie Jesus

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Sho Shuto
Sho Shuto 1 month ago

Description needs checking

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Lucifer333 1 month ago

become a member and watch this at 1080HD

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 1 month ago

It certainly worth it to become a member. It should be noted that this is probably the best video site outside of YouTube with technically astute staff who are responsive: They offer quite a lot. The only thing would be fore them to have single column for suggested videos on the side (like other sites like Rumble do) to cut down on loading time. It's not that expensive. Go for it.

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Lucifer333 1 month ago

@Embedded Basis : Its the price of a beer per month, 5 usd? cmon folks,

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