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Are MGTOW Men Crazy? Professional Psychologist Weighs In

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Published on 25 Oct 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Daniel and he says to keep up the good work and I will. Today I want to cover a video from a while back called: "Moderate "Men Going Their Own Way" | Is it Logical Given Grim Marriage Statistics?" by Dr. Todd Grande. He used to be one of the top search results for MGTOW on YouTube. I was shocked that the day I scripted this three of the top five video results were mine. That doesn't usually happen. So Dr. Todd's video is an opinion piece where he tries to answer the question does being a moderate MGTOW, possibly make a man more logical and happier. Funny enough as I was doing research for this topic a Thinking Ape video popped up where he says that MGTOW is not an ideology. That it's a personal decision yet Dr. Todd keeps saying over and over again that MGTOW is an ideology. I tend to agree that making a decision to not get married or involved in a relationship is a choice and not an ideology. But if a man going his own way becomes political and spreads his ideas then I'd say it would be ideological. Todd says that more extreme forms of MGTOW would include men ghosting the system and living off in the woods. That we spread anger and vitriol and enthusiastically expand our belief system to other men. Well of that I'm guilty of. Todd also says that the more extreme of us see mgtow as an appropriate response to feminism and that we paint married men as blue pilled losers. I recently spoke to a couple of married blokes about my book I'm working on and told them the title, smart men don't get married and they both laughed and agreed that it's true. That's the response I want from people. Of course I'm writing it under a different pen name so that will keep me out of the limelight to some extent. Todd continues by saying that extreme mgtows have negative views on women and that we think the behavior of women in society is problematic. I don't have to think it as I've seen the exponential rise is tatted up land whales riding rascals with their 110 pound pet boyfriend following them around like a dog. You've all seen it too. Dr. Todd sees more men avoiding marriage and adopting the more moderate mgtow philosophy. He makes the distinction that ghosting and trying to spread our ideas to create political societal change is not the moderate thing to do. The moderate men are justified in feeling that the system is against them. Cheating, false accusations and divorce is keeping men away because it's all true. But it's a quiet decision for most guys and there is no grand standing. It's a moderate act out in their own self interest but they don't spread the idea to others. Funny enough this is the best outcome that whamen want. It minimizes the damage to the female collective. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Me The Sandman:

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Igor MGTOW And Video Games

MGTOW is perfectly Sane. and it improves males

   0    0
NoFemVAL 3 months ago

Psychology and Psychiatric healthcare have been hijacked by woke feminists cunts.

   4    0
WMHarrison94 3 months ago

True. Society is the infection: That's why I like the concept of Noble Savage more these days!

   4    0
AcquireZeal 3 months ago

Shrinks don't get paid if nobody's crazy, so guess what their opinion is on everyone's sanity. It's like asking a gym owner if people are in good enough shape, or asking Tyson whether people are eating enough chicken.

   4    0
Mgvember 3 months ago

Feminism has all of media and he has to go to a tiny corner of the internet for even the littlest bit of pushback.

lol what a victim

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