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Aqua man actor (Jason Momoa) and his wife Lisa Bonet divorcing. - WD11


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Published on 15 Jan 2022 / In News & Politics

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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

Lisa Bonet's mother was JEWISH. And there it is. Without a doubt, that Jew side of her just had to destroy the marriage. It's in her DNA.

Her more recent pictures show a woman with dead soulless Kardashian eyes. I'll wager that she got BORED because she got it all with Jason Momoa and there was nothing new to get out of him.

I've got a band-aid idea to fix the problem (besides White Sharia). Create a renewable Term Limit Marriage where the maximum is six years. Signed by both parties, their lawyers, AND THE JUDGE. Five years is a good limit. At the end, everybody gets back what they agreed to in the beginning. The man is freed from any real or imagined obligation to her. Child support is 100% voluntary on his part, the woman is NOT given the benefit of the doubt regarding parental rights, and he is equally entitled to take the kids if he can show how unfit she has been.

Failure in the marriage will automatically put the burden on the wife to make things right as history has shown how women will lie, cheat, and bear false witness to get their way. Islam confirms this.

The Term Limit Marriage can be renewed only upon examination of the court and the opinion of four or six psychologists (half must be confirmed Red Pill psychologists). Submission of amicus curiae briefs will be encouraged from Red Pilled men since, by this time, MGTOW will be well established as the only collective representative of men in general. The TLM will be renewed for another 2-5 years and reviewed again. Marriages tend to fail at the 7-10 year mark so, the 1st renewal period will be a bit shorter than the beginning.

IMO it is abundantly clear that marriages cannot be done "at will" or "free range" any longer. It was possible a century ago and more to freely marry because the entire social environment supported it. But today, the social, legal, political, and cultural climate of ZOG-U.S. is so toxic that all parts entering the contract must be assumed as defective right out of the box until proven otherwise. A responsible 3rd party is, therefore, necessary to ensure a good match, marital harmony, and proper rearing of the children.

Yes, yes, I know. Who will vouch for the accreditors??? Well, we have to start somewhere.....

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spectre 7 months ago

this is why relationships are dangerous. you get a couple of kids, you make it pass the 7 year mark and you think you made it. only to find out ,16 years after begin together, that no. you didn't make it. and the fact you are starring in blockbusters, are tall and muscular didn't help you one bit.

smith didn't make it. pitt didn't make it. musk didn't make it. bezos didn't make it. jordan didn't make it. woods didn't make it. bryant didn't make it. west didn't make it. tyson didn't make it. aggasi didn't make it. o'neal didn't make it. gates didn't make it. ... and now momoa. what chance do you think an average joe has when the cream of the crop are not able to make it?

sure, one can argue that because they are the top 0.0005% that they are targets but nevertheless, it clearly shows no woman on the entire earth is capable of being satisfied and content with her life. no matter how good you make it for her.

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TelepathicRapist 7 months ago

well said

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kagetsuki23 7 months ago

That because most men are dumb. A survivor must adapt to his environment, if you are in a place where marriage is a bad deal, then you don't get married. If you have money, then you move in a place where marriage is a good deal and you can't get fuck by the system.

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hqwebsite 7 months ago

How many years was the age difference between them? Does Jason has a thing for 'matured woman'?

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sithsith 7 months ago

I liked Jason Mamoa from Stargate Atlantis.
He was in Bay Watch, but that was in 2001.
I hope he gets red pill and doesn't get involved with whores anymore!

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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

Therein lies the fatal flaw of being a Chad. Pride and hubris blinds Chad to the Red Pill and he becomes a victim of his own lusts. Jason will get the Red Pill. But, damn, he's going to pay a terrible price for that prescription! Talk about price gouging! Those Red Pills ain't cheap!

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sithsith 7 months ago

@InfiniteMushroom: You are like a prophet of the Red Pill on mushrooms! May the Lord of waifus hear you!

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Bagoodman 7 months ago

Jason Momoa 14 Million Net worth .

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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf 7 months ago

Hopefully Lisa won’t get any of his earrings from Aqua man 2.

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