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Anthony Joshua and the British hatred of success

Published on 23 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

In the period I was born the 1950's and in those post war day's England would always support the Under Dog. I'm talking the PEOPLE not Politician's, but in the UK back then yoiu ghenerally hepled people out. Yes we had laugh's at somepepole expense because even then their were FOOLS. but Success was what everyone strived for, and if you succeeded you were praised, and I mean you earned that praise as well. Move to tyoday and Gen "Z" and Gen "Covid don't have the ability or the a FEAR of Achievement and success. These CHildren want everythin on a silver plate surved witgh a silver spoon for doing NOTHING. The expect and feel entitled. God only know's why? I was taught and still believe that RESPECT, and PRAISE is something you EARN and something you STRVE for. Yet we see Abhorant and shear EVIL being praised, we see uttmost STUPIDITY be PRAISED, and Praise give for the most mondain daily activity? The Gaussian Curve has been passed and I think it is all down hill without any brakes, but don't threat, there is hope and that is by rescuing YOURSELF by NOT complying or going with the damaging flow. So stiff upper lip and all that! lol! by the way I know nothing about Boxing but I don't bklame this young talented guy from from throwing Teddy out of the Pram, (Sorry the belts out of the ring)!

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Councilof1 9 months ago

Hatred of success makes no sense to me. If someone works their rear off and gets ahead good for them, it isn't easy to do.

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