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Another nail in the coffin for society, or a lifeline for lonely men?

Published on 19 Apr 2024 / In People & Blogs

If A.I. becomes so good that singles can create, interact, flirt and spend time with the 'woman or man of their dreams', is this the death knell for society?

I think it's both a bane and boon, but I don't think it ends well.

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 1 month ago

Incidentally, he's not remember "Her" very accurately. It doesn't go well, it's a comedy with a lot of observations that, ultimately, AI is also hypergamous. In my little opinion, Joi from Blade Runner 2049 was much closer to the idea that AI bots like Replika and now these new AI's are accomplishing.

The part most dupes buying into this are totally not getting is that their bot isn't theirs, and none of it is private. Any information you have is on a database, what you say, how you interact, all of it will be associated with you, and on top off that, it can be changed server side at any time. You don't own any part off it, you lease, and like a smart phone, your data is tracked.

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 1 month ago

Companies and the government have created the problem and the "solution" to the problem. Most men are following both because they aren't looking down the path and seeing how this ends, and most women are following this because men were either too weak to stop it or had the power to stop it taken from them by weaker men. What amazes me most is that women were capable of becoming so inherently repulsive that machine generated women are legit better. I never thought it possible as a youth in the 90s.

Tell me that someday meat will be infected to taste so bad that demand for lab created "meat" will skyrocket, and I wouldn't doubt it anymore.

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99% of women using Bumble - their first contact is "Hi" or "Hello" and that is it....

Yep - so fucking brain dead, so lazy, so neurotic, so entitled......

Chat to an AI - OK..... NOT my cup of tea....

BUT it's probably way better for communications than Princess Dead Bed and her Feminist Bullshit.

IF the Chat AI was really good business wise, it might actually be useful......

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Mr_Sluggo 1 month ago

Talking to most women is like clapping with 1 hand.

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Most women are so fucking brain dead.....

It's like reading toilet paper for the IQ test.

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