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“Angry MGTOW “ AKA Nakatomo69 Report to the FBI

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Published on 21 May 2020 / In People & Blogs

angry MGTOW walk&tak MGTOW

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Radical_panda 2 hours ago

god damn it sound like a bitch asking for attention

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 5 days ago

ATT'N. ALL Ladies that may be watching this and feel the need to comment. If your name is not Janice Fiamengo you have no business commenting on any video posted on a MGTOW channel. Be a JANICE ladies not a KAREN. Talk the talk and walk the walk. We're really not interested in speaking to you until you get off your asses and take ACTION !!!! You all need to clean up the mess you made. If you're a SIMP , Soy Boy , White Knight , PUA / Life Coach or Male Liberal you are a woman with a dick so we're not interested in anything you have to say either.

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mgtowlive 5 days ago

He gave me up as well

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mrghoster 6 days ago

Gave up on Angry MGTOW a long time ago. He talks shit and shouts AT you not talks to you? MGTOW is about not being "ANGRY" anyways. Once the RAGE has gone guy's rebuild their lives not shout about the past? Nice on Ken now your're a guy worth listening too. Peace.

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If I'm ever to strike a conversation with women again where I'm at, then first thing is first; have false rape accusations criminalized. Alabama did it, so the rest of the world can too.

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