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Andrew Tate Podcast - Plandemic 2020 Covid is for the Poor not the Rich

Published on 29 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

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KEEPER 3 years ago

i disagree on the cop comment. the knee on the neck is a common procedure and has been for the passed 20 years, and btw, putting your knee on the back of the neck won't kill a person or restrict their air flow.

now with that said, if the knee were on the front of the neck, it would absolutely restrict the air flow and kill a person.

but he's generally correct when many police are shit heads who deserve justice when they do evil things, what that guy did wasn't evil, what he did was absolute training tactics, he was following orders and shouldn't be held accountable for following orders and tactics he was trained to do.

anyway i mostly agree with this video which is why i left a like and made this comment.

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TheGreatAwakening 2 years ago

hmm... well that depends on the size of the neck. and with people with medical conditions that restrict the air, any mental disturbance might trigger the apnea sadly... or even a panic attack could render the person without air. That technic is brutal sadly and something different should be used.

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KEEPER 2 years ago

@TheGreatAwakening: you got a good point, but typically this tactic is only used on the very aggressive strongly built people and he was on that drug fentanyl so that makes a lot of sense he was also a very aggressive dude who just killed a pregnant women and had a known criminal history for other fucked up things, but for the skinny weak dudes, they are easy to control by putting their hands behind their back and holding them in place, which is also a typically used tactic by police. the goal of the knee on the neck isn't to put the knee straight on the neck, it's to keep a person down, so the knee needs to be near the neck, but that can be hard to maintain on an aggressively large dude like him who tries to move, so it's possible his leg found it's way more on the dudes neck at this point because he was moving around aggressively. this method is similar to when they teach you how to take a gun from someone pointing it your way, the goal is to bring down the end of the gun to prevent the person from shooting you in the more vital areas, you could still get shot sure, but it wouldn't be at your face or chest.

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