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AMS Gets Destroyed By Passport Bros


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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment
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Dallas_LooksMaxxer 2 months ago

This host is class-A entertainment XD. What's his name?

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Mgtowbrony 2 months ago

NO AMR IN VIDEO. Plus that young dude uses the N word for every other word!! TOTALLY EXHAUSTING. Did not make it past 5 minutes

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4_ArchAngel 2 months ago

It's definitely premeditated murder. In this case its multiple murder attempts. Each time she put that poison in his cup she was in the act of committing murder.

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Longshanks 2 months ago

@17 minutes "I think a lot of husbands are killed by their wives." 100% co-sign this. The wives are Joos, and Joos must kill the goyim husbands.

I don't think poisoning their children is out of the question, either.

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a123321a 2 months ago

So true, I've also been thinking this for a while, women certainly fit the bill of jews, or at least agents of them.

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