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American Civil War 2: The Avoidable Burger Glue - An Indictment of the Left

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Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣A video compilation of the recent events as well as a meme documentary, if you will. I started this project back in early August.
I was delayed by multiple factors, including a death in the family, considerable
damage to property and the learning curve of video editing. I could’ve had this
finished about a month ago, but there were limits to what my hardware and
software could do. Much time was spent finding workarounds for potatoes.

I hope you learned something new from this, and
even if you’re at some of the highest levels of awakening, you should find some
good laughs and perhaps a tool to use to help formulate your thoughts to
In the end credits, I list where I can be found. YouTube,
Twitter, etc.

Time Stamps –

Kenosha Comp + Tucker & Drew H.: (0:00-6:11)

Tommy S. on the Criminal Element: (6:12-10:24)

Think Before You Sleep on Dysfunctional People:

Cultural Identity vs. Racial Identity:

Nihilists & Moral Relativist Ideologues:

Winners & Losers: (28:42-42:04)

End Card: (42:05-46:19)

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