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American Church Girls - MGTOW

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Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs

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My Red Pill Dosage Story

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Daniel. He didn't send me a specfic topic so I thought I'd share a post I found on reddit called "My Red Pill Dosage Story" by someone named Jsin345. Here's what he has to say and I quote: As I am reading through this subreddit I ask myself why am I going my own way. Then in my mind, I start replaying events in my life that lead me here and I thought I share one with you guys. Again this is before I knew about the red pill so you have the right to judge me but it won’t help. I grew up in the church. The doctrine that if you do good for others then good things will be done unto you was planted in my mind. Sometimes this is true. However I am aware of the fact that I did things for females in the attempt to win their affections. Moreover, acts of kindness are one of my love languages. My parents sheltered me from most of the world so I was oblivious to female nature and I really thought that all women don’t act the same and that I just need to find a good woman to settle down with. Fast forward to when I was in my mid 20’s. I was going to a church and I was really cool with this one female, let’s call her Mary. Mary was confident, impressionable, down to earth and great woman to be around. We could talk about anything and we enjoyed each other’s company. I didn’t look at her in a sexual way. I treated her like she was my sister and I had her back as if she was indeed my kin. Now her friend, Sara was a different story. I fell and I fell hard for Sara. Sara had soft eyes and a soft personality to go with it. She was a caring, nurturing woman and she was beautiful to top it off. I thought I found my wife, in the church of all places. But It was hard for me to talk to Sara alone. When Mary, Sara and I are together I would talk with Mary and Sara would ignore me. And I didn’t take the initiative to talk to Sara alone in the fear of losing a friend in Mary. This goes on for months until Mary tells me that she is moving. Now I’m happy for her because this is what she wants to do but I hate to see her leave for all the reasons said and thought of. I told her if she needed anything to reach out. She asked if I could help her move. I said sure. Acts of kindness is my love language after all plus I assumed Sara would be there and this could help my chances with her. So I’m plotting this out like a movie. I call up my guy Dave to help out. That way in case it’s the four of us, he can spark up a convo with Mary and leave me and Sara together. Keep in mind that not only am I blue pill but Dave is blue pill too so he like imma help you get yo woman bro. Move is on a Sunday. I see Mary at church and she asked me to come by in the afternoon.

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JRT88 9 days ago

After you and Dave left, Mary and Sarah were doing Monkey Double Back Flips with these two bozos. They probably laughed and made fun of you and Dave. Hopefully other young men and older will learn from this.

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NoFemVAL 11 days ago

if you want pussy, just make sure you treat them like dog shit.

   1    1
VaperGamer 11 days ago

fuck off cunt

   0    2
BigLadGreen 10 days ago

@VaperGamer: explain why he is a cunt?

   0    1
VaperGamer 9 days ago

@BigLadGreen: explain why do you even give a shit... on the internet of all places...

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NoFemVAL 11 days ago

Personal knowledge - banged a virgin mormon dental hygienist - got through her LDS "garments". She put out because I was not part of "the church" - mormon church is cucked, their females are now all feminists - LDS females are gold diggers like all females. DO NOT HELP FEMALES. let the simps do it. pump them and dump them - maintain your freedom and dignity men.

   2    1

why do you have a female profile pic

   1    0
VaperGamer 11 days ago

@Igor_MGTOW_And_Video_Games: because it is either a fat feminist woke soy cunt or an incel...

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UnwillingVillian 11 days ago

I know there are countless more stories like this. More of them should be told for the sake of all but especially young men. Please keep it up Sandman. I hope you remember how beneficial your work is.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 11 days ago

I was there once in the LDS Church for those of you comrads who didn’t know,

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Radical_panda 12 days ago

nice pictures you choose

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abderrahmane 11 days ago

i know right, he picks them good

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