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Amateur Doll Surgeon: TPE Tear Repair

T.F. Monkey
Published on 22 Oct 2019 / In How-to & Style

Angel is a waifu who's been through a lot and is looking for a good home. We'll be giving her away in December to a lucky viewer.

Angel's Doll House Link:

False Eyelashes Applicator Tool

Weller TB100PK 30 Watt/130 Watt Therma Boost Heat Tool

Royalty free stock footage "heart beat monitor"

Sponsor: (UK) (US)
The-Doll-House featured in GQ magazine:
Celestina's Instagram:

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OnThePath 3 months ago

Very sad to hear that the previous owner killed himself. RIP fellow waifu lover!

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MrA_H0Ie 4 months ago

Head #36 was always one of my favourite WM faces. But at some point it disappeared from the doll house. I guess Phil decided to take her off the list, maybe because she looks wayyy cute and that might cause some legal trouble in an insane country like the UK. It's a pity.

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