Amateur Doll Surgeon: Tongue Insert Comparison

T.F. Monkey
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Published on 14 Feb 2020 / In How-to & Style

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Doctor Dollhouse:

Note: In the video I said the resin teeth and tongue kits were $50, but they are in fact double-that. The Doll House sells them for $85 which is cheaper than competitors but still pretty expensive.

Celestina (doll):
Long-sleeve backless dress:
Chain belt:
Resin Teeth and Tongue Kit ($85):
Latex Magic for Magic Tricks:

Royalty free stock footage "heart beat monitor"

Background Music: "Fonkee Ryde" by Noir Et Blanc Vie. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

Sponsor: The Doll House
The-Doll-House featured in GQ magazine:
Celestina's Instagram:

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KEEPER 10 months ago

how to get the full catologe of the TFM show on mp3 format on Android.

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Jicamama 11 months ago

love the dress <3

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MrA_H0Ie 11 months ago

God, she's gorgeous... I've always liked Celestina, but every time I see her she's more and more relatable and more hot.

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JMGTOW 11 months ago

celestina derp

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KEEPER 11 months ago

lol wow the tung that came with Celistina looks like a flattened penis head lmfao!

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Mike Sinner
Mike Sinner 11 months ago

I have two of those cheap tongues. I bought them from AliExpress, free shipping and at a price of around a dollar. One of them I have modified by wiggling a piece of metal wire in it, so you can pose it for photo's. It's a really cheap and much more realistic alternative to the TPE tongue you can get from doll shops.
The teeth set is interesting too, but I think the teeth are too clean, too bright white, but they do have appeal. Then again, I guess you could adjust them yourself as well with a bit of paint.

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