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All you need to know about modern life in one opening scene.

Published on 20 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

Stoggification Quake IV

From Hospital Birth, to School Indoctrination to the Feudal reality of every human being, all there is to save you is a rifle in the skilled hands of freedom loving men.

Unwanted medical procedures, serving pussy, government authority, it's all the same, culture is installed into us, and we will kill our neighbor who was force installed a slightly different culture.

If covid has taught us anything, it is how much the machine will take and never let go.

No state, country or person is free. All are on a track, being injected or about to be. The Strogg doctors probably tell themselves they are doing the right thing. The Strogg Leaders believe they are right. Evil always feels it is good.

Take a few moments to watch this scene. Breath it in, experience the horror of powerlessly watching the person ahead of you go through what you, as the viewer are about to go through. Feel the cold metal of the table and the strap, and the remorseless android floating around you.

How many old defenceless people have they already forced through this procedure.

What will stop them from doing it to you, when you are old and defenceless.

When you are old, the technology will be near perfect.

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KEEPER 2 months ago

wow, and your right. this is where it looks like we are headed.
maybe we won't be this far for another 1,000 years in advancement.

i never did play this game back in the day, but it kind of reminds me of doom, and i only got into doom when i first played the 2003 doom game back on xbox and that game never had anything as horrific as this scene.

i mean doom had plenty of gore but nothing like this scene where the player is put on a conveyer belt and experimented on and having organs cut out without any anesthetic with nothing but despair for the guys going threw it all.

though realistically many of the things being seen would cause the guy to black out of the pain and he would be asleep for most the experiments and would probably block out that kind of trauma from his memory.

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