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All Women Think About Is Men - MGTOW

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Published on 14 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Lily and here's what she has to say: "Hi Mr. Sandman, When I was younger, I wanted children and a family. However that desire faded over time and by the time I was 27 I realised that that’s not what I want at all. I'm 32 now. I realise that I wanted those things because everyone else does and think I should too but those are not the things which will make me feel like I have fulfilling life. One thing that is still very strong in me is getting men’s approval and attention. In the past and even to a large extend today, my goals and interests were revolved around getting men’s attention and approval, for example wanting to become a good dancer, wanting to be a good cook, etc. I heard in one of your videos that you said you don’t need female approval anymore. How did you achieve that? If you were a woman, how would you achieve that? I'm still dating because I have emotional and sexual needs that only a man can meet and my dating life is relatively well. I still feel like I want the next mans attention and approval and it’s starting to bother me as I’m become more and more aware of it. It’s a big block that never leaves me a lot of free mental space to think about anything else. I have a lot of talents and interests that I’d love to explore without wanting them to be all about getting admiration from men. The main reason I’m asking YOU this question is that I don’t know any woman who can answer it in a way that would resonate with me. Do you think it’s ever even possible for a woman to be free of THAT and if yes what is left!? Would she be motivated to do anything? What would you do if you were a woman and wanted to go your own way without avoiding dating? What would your life look like? What would your love life look like? What would you be? Do not hesitate to offend me as I’m trying to develops a thick skin Kind regards Lily" Well Lily thanks for the donation and topic. I know exactly what I would be doing if I were a woman to get my mind off of men and share examples of women that have as well in a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen: Anyways, now back to the strong independent women that pretend they don't need a man but actually do clown world show. Lily at least you're honest that you need a man for sex, emotional support and approval. At least you acknowledge that you want to move past your biological limitations. I think the reason that most women get loud and scream out that they don't need one is because they are trying to mirror the types of men they want to attract to them. Hopefully you're not doing that with me. Most women need a man as an emotional surrogate. As you get older if you have no man and no kids to use as emotional tampons you might go a bit crazy. You might have to use a niece or a nephew with the promise of inheritance money to have them visit you at old folks home. As a woman you need someone to dump your negative emotions onto. A full time boyfriend and therapist. Women are like shot glasses and men are like buckets with a tiny hole at the bottom. It takes a lot of water to fill us up but the water is slowly draining so we can take a lot of emotional abuse. Women on the other hand are tiny shot glasses and when they get full they need to pour their excess emotions into the man bucket. Women are addicted to knowing everything about everyone socially but it also overwhelms them quickly. If I were a woman I'd go and get a sex change. Just kidding. If I were a woman I'd find women I would try and figure out what men such as myself have figured out. How did I defeat the need for female validation and attention? I realized deep down inside that no woman could love me the way that I loved her.

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libertyanyday 2 months ago

too stoopid to know your stoopid.......... thats dangerous.

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csehszlovakze 2 months ago

I fully support WGTOW as it's supposed to be. The more of them there are, the fewer women will bother us.

   6    0
Mgvember 2 months ago

There's no such thing as "WGTOW" outside a sour grapes response to MGTOW. Otherwise it'd be feminism and 'leaving men alone' still wouldn't even be the case then, as Keymaster said it best: "When women 'go their own way', they expect you to pay for it."

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tekrat 2 months ago

This video proves that women can not think for themselves. They think what they are programmed to think. Women are NPC'S.

   4    0
hqwebsite 2 months ago

She is in her 30's and the wall is already within visual range. Only now she's starting to ask herself this question and in desperation. If her ability to pair-bonding is already gone, it's over for her. Go dating betas and tradcucks. Those are still around.

   3    0
Mgvember 2 months ago

Y'know that instance when a woman comes onto you, you say no, and then like clockwork, she flips the script as if to say YOU came onto HER and SHE rejected YOU?

That's women 'going their own way'.

   10    0

I have noticed how many of them get REALLY nasty when their efforts to manipulate men, into having sex with them, don't work.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: Well, at least the men she likes, who don't look at her the same way.

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@sauger1001: I don't understand what you meant.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: Even feminists want to have sex with the guy who couldn't care less about them. Lack of attention is their kryptonite. Usually, if she's trying to manipulate a man to have sex with her, it's bc he gets her wet, but if he's not feeling the same way about her, as you said, she'll get angry. B

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