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All The Money In The World Cannot Make A Woman Happy - MGTOW

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Published on 03 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Post About Madonna

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Thomas. He didn't give me a topic so I want to cover a Reddit post I've put a link to in the description that covers a tweet by Jesse Kelly and he says this about Madonna and I quote: "Nothing exemplifies American feminism more than a woman worth $850 million dollars whining about how oppressed she is." unquote. He of course is talking about a tweet that Madonna put out February 20th where she said this and I quote: "The Patriarchy continues to try to crush my neck with their heavy boots, cut off my life force and take away my voice-Even those who call themselves artists . . You know who you are!!! Death to the Patriarchy! Now and Forever." unquote. So we have a woman that's almost worth a billion dollars upset with the patriarchy. Did the patriarchy drive her son away from her and get him to leave her and go move in with his dad. Yes you heard me right her own son decided that he was better off living with his father the director Guy Ritchie. Boys are usually far more attached to their mothers than their fathers so you know you screwed the pooch as a mother if he flew the coupe. There's a photo I put into this video where Guy Ritchie and Madonna and you can just see the stress on his face. She was probably yelling at him in the car ride over for being part of the oppressive patriarchy. So the Donald is gone and no where to blame so let's blame the non existent male collective, the patriarchy. Here's just another woman projecting the idea of the patriarchy so that men are too busy thinking about what we supposedly did wrong to figure out that there's actually a covert matriarchy that's really controlling society. I'll discuss that and more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to the clown world show. Madonna is old and hasn't been relevant over a decade or two. Her experiments into film making failed and she can't dance on stage now with the coof. Last year we saw her in a bathtub with really bad plastic surgery and she's probably losing her mind because her fans are gone and now she's locked up at home with no attention. Women fear being alone as they age and if they don't have someone around many of them get really mean, nasty and aggressive to everyone around them. I'm sure many of you have seen that when your father passed away and then your elderly mother was deprived of an emotional tampon and lacky around the house. Suddenly she goes out into the neighborhood and starts telling people what to do. Or she starts picking fights neighbors and the few friends and family she still has in her life. The end of attention for women is the beginning of their death. Money doesn't matter. She can do anything she wants but if she doesn't have her family and a man in her life to torment then she's going to go out on Twitter and try to torment the world. Or she mentions those that call themselves artists which is a way to shame certain people without shaming them so that she doesn't run the risk of Twitter sanctioning her account. She's not getting positive attention from anyone right now so she thinks to herself she might as well get some negative attention. It's sad but gives her her narcissistic fix. As for all the money she has Jesse Kelly is projecting reason and rationality on her behavior based on the way that a man sees the world.

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OniriumSage 1 month ago

Minute 12:03 (and I'm aware that 1. you don't give a flying poo-poo about what I say, and 2, commenting rises the popularization of the video, so "chat away, Bozo !" Happy to help, Sanddune !)
See here. You have a system, a really shitty one (let's suppose), but that somehow has very healthy, productive farms. Sooooo, bla-bla oppression, bla-bla defiance, revolution, a few dudes die, in the end the system shits itself in the strong/weak spot as always (history, much?), and booom !, new system.
Here's what I ask: If their farms were awesome, fuck the uniforms, let's take the farming system from that.
So back in the 1800s to 1950, most well wedded ( liked, wealthy chap ) women were actually pretty happy !
Personal sugar-daddy/slave - check; pampered social position - check; doing 80% nothing all day long - check;.
So, Patriarchy is oppressive. Cool, let's fuck patriarchy, but take away what it has good !
Wouldn't that be a well boofed cocktail now, would it ? ( don't google "boofing", it's alluring. and so easy buying a douche kit from drugstore for that ) [ you just googled, asshole, didn't ya ? ]
Anyhow, opression and shit aside, a nice, desired MARRIAGE ( with a side-dish of secret cheating o.c. ) is the best thing a well bred gal can get !

. . . You get your personal bound SIMP, stupid ! and can screw him over if you're clever ! ...

Dudes, Lucy wants to extinct Homo Sapiens. This ain't about two-tone hair. It's survival or go push daisies ! Joking time has expired, yo ! ...

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OniriumSage 1 month ago

Oh, and in case there are any Ladies reading this:
How a guy educated in patriarchy (communism) considers proper treating a woman (this is cobalt-blue pill shit):

~ You meet a girl; politely invite her to share time with you to hope for compatibility; if harmony is apparent, with or without eventual sexual activity, you seek stability through marriage; for a well bred man, for better or worse, in sickness or in health, 'till death do us part, ., is ACTUALLY A SERIOUS ENGAGEMENT, AN OATH, and this man has given his freedom to being a family with this woman, and DO HIS DUTY, for the remainder of his being alive and/or able. Given!, men are not perfect. Some are educated better, some worse.

Now I will share a woe of a well bred man:
"Girl, why do you spread your legs to that ugly pig that treats you like shit, when I have the skill and experience, to make you so happy, that romantic movies would envy you ??"

So thus I learned a life's secret: "Do not expect of others what you do not expect of yourself"

So am I a victim of my own faults, but.... A great many of the women have no respect for themselves, and cruel realism dictates that they are worthy of no respect. To be used, yes, rewarded, in kind, but valued ? NO.

I would rather envy the nun, than care for a self-abuser.

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OniriumSage 1 month ago

Minute 08:45 . Dude, it is simple. If, let's say, you have back pain, family doc says a broken vertebra. You go to a good hospital.
Running and ruling society. What do you need ?

Was that a 3rd year math college algebra equation ... ???

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eldrazi317 12 hours ago

Sadly we have no true professionals in our rule of office...just a bunch of clowns.

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OniriumSage 1 month ago

Minute 01:50 Sandstorm, you should PM me on Skypie and ask me why have I shifted power into matriarchy? I'd briefly answer right here: Hither was not fascizized and hebrewcided by Eva Brown, or whatshername. Alexander the ghhhhrreath, did not have boobies !
We're all the same liquid rust sacks dropping stinky shit, that just don't get it through our thick skull we are not evolved sufficiently to manage power properly !
We're just dumb kids that took uncle Joe's high powered mining wide bore power drill, and start fucking up the neighbor's walls just to feel the thrill !
The king serves, and for his service receives honor and privilege. All these Gods of the Fleas dream themselves kings, but are too blind to un-stuck themselves from being dictators.
Power is not for dominating. POWER IS A TOOL FOR BIOSPHERE GARDENING. We are the keepers (gardeners) of Gaia. That's our job.
We care for her, we live in plenty.
Do you realize, that just this very second, and all throughout since life emerged here, NATURE feeds and has fed ALL her plants, animals and so on ??? Food industry is overwhelmed? To do what ? Feed the Cheetosvores ???
We mainly eat fruit, and expanded to plant and cooked meats.
Did nature run out of coconuts, or WTFF ???
Look, Jojos, moderation in everything. Including obedience.
You Miggies scatter like monky ninjas, they will be in gangs, groups, squads and units.

Lemme be Frank:

If you don't unite, you are FUCKED !

Was my French un-clear ???

Je m'en fiche ! Je suis presque mort. Voulez vous vivre ????

A bongo in Congo.

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eldrazi317 12 hours ago

Reminds me of this story I once heard—At the end of the world two saviors would come...one for the Earth and another Humanity. Sadly only one can win, and to the victor goes the spoils. Don’t know how the story ends just that the two saviors were once upon a time good friends or siblings but events changed them and forced them apart.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 1 month ago

A well-known Argentine actress who was a pioneer in marrying professional soccer players once said that a woman needed four animals to be happy:
A bison in the wardrobe ...
A jaguar in the garage ...
A tiger in bed ...
And a goose to keep it ...
Clarification: Here in my country the word "goose" is used to describe any wealthy, foolish, docile and manipulable man.
And in case you are interested ... her name is María del Carmen Villanueva (1951) better known as Pata Villanueva, she is an ex-model, ex-actress, ex-vedette and sex symbol of the '70s and' 80s.
Greetings to all Free Men and DON'T BE GEESE.

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Fangs13 1 month ago

you do understand that ... if a woman is worth "limitless dollars" getting resources that are incalculable, literally, and being able to build her own planet, her own solar system, and literally make a goddess out of herself .. she will not be satisfied.
women are creatures that simply can't be satisfied. give resources, fame, attention, etc, you can't satisfy them. give them the whole whore world, their ego is endless. if she can't live by herself for herself, worshiping herself, and being worshiped .. she will not be satisfied even with that!
women's satisfaction is not possible. because they do not know what they want. they want everything and nothing at the same time.

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RoboCat 1 month ago

The problem isn't "the elites", it's government. I understand that Sandman is Canadian which means he's a leftist, possibly a hardcore leftist, but whenever he goes on some schpiel about "the elites" like the other leftists do, it's really difficult to not lose interest/check out.

Anyone that blames "the elites" is doing so to deflect from the actual problem, I.e. government. Specifically leftist corruption of government. It is leftism that has heavily subjugated men and has fueled gynocentrism to this extreme. It is leftism that , by definition, strips a nation's citizenry of their liberties and rights in order to consolidate government power. It is leftism that mass media spreads to reinforce their orthodoxy. leftism and government are the problem 100%, to pretend otherwise is nonsense.

Anyway, it's true about all the money not being enough. I fell into a deep depression for about 5 years of my life because I wanted a son. To have a son I needed a woman and because I wanted to "do things right", I had to find a passable woman to marry and start a family with. As I saw more and more women I became very demoralized because they were terrible and their demands were extremely high.

Each day that passed added to the strain because it felt like as each day passed, my goal only got further away....... it wasn't until I ultimately let go of my desires that I realized that the road I was on had no destination. I have everything I need to be happy and bringing in woman and child would have been disastrous. Nothing would be good enough, I would be divorced by now even if I had everything I wanted. It will never be enough. Don't believe otherwise unless you want to learn the hard way.

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eldrazi317 12 hours ago

Wouldn’t getting a surrogate work? Although perhaps that’s not an option either, I’ve heard a couple ugly stories where the female came back and demanded child support and full access to said child even when the contract states otherwise.

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for_Archangel Liberation_Y

SHIT, Sandman has figurd out a way to ''also'' figured a way make monry from MEN.

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Vandetta 1 month ago

Mate I see the Matriarchy everywhere in Australia.
The government and cops are matriarchal, Most of the businesses over here are matriarchal and same with the schools.
Almost every ad are female preference based.
The only things that aren't are the Farms and Cartels.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 1 month ago

It's easy to make a woman happy...
You just need to be ...
1) Friend
2) Companion
3) lover
4) Brother
5) Father
6) Teacher
7) Educator
8) Cook
9) Mechanical
10) Plumber
11) Interior decorator
12) Stylist
13) Electrician
14) Sexologist
15) Gynecologist
16) Psychologist
17) Psychiatrist
18) Therapist
19) bold
20) Nice
21) Athletic
22) Affectionate
23) Attentive
24) Chivalrous
25) Smart
26) Imaginative
27) Creative
28) Sweet
29) Strong
30) Comprehensive
31) Tolerant
32) Prudent
33) Ambitious
34) Capable
35) Brave
36) determined
37) Reliable
38) Respectful
39) Passionate
40) Don't be jealous, but also not disinterested.
41) Get along with her family, but don't spend more time with them than with her.
42) Give him her space, but be concerned about where he was.
43) Do not forget the dates of birthdays, anniversary of boyfriends, wedding, graduation, saint, date of the first kiss, birthday of the aunt and the most beloved brother or sister, birthday of the grandparents, the best friend.

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Fangs13 1 month ago

in short, what she wants is a god . what she wants is .. a copy of herself. women only want to date and fuck literally themselves. only themselves can satisfy them; because they are unsatisfyable.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 5 days ago

...and if you guys think that list is impressive, just wait 'til you see the list of shit that makes them unhappy...

   0    0
Fangs13 14 hours ago

@Drums McBashington: for that .. is the only thing, a blackhole can't feed on! because once it starts spaghettifying it , it never ends!

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eldrazi317 12 hours ago

Aghhhh, trying to do all those things would be simping I think....plus I’m pretty sure going to such a place is a sign of insanity.

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eldrazi317 12 hours ago

Come to think—maybe that is what most of our society is suffering from, it seems hormones are a bigger influencing factor than I thought.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Nothing can make them happy, ever. Best you can do ease her excessive hunger for more.

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 1 month ago

...most of the time I cannot get the "Speed Rate" to work...

Anyone else have this problem?

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 5 days ago

Is that the 1.00x thing at the bottom? Next to the skip thing?

   1    0
Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 4 days ago

@Drums McBashington: Yes. I also wish they would install a "rewind 10 seconds" softkey...

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 4 days ago

@Sardonic Smile: Never really used mine but it seems to work. Skip thing too. I still do that the old way though, on the slider.

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