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Aliens and Demons- Evidence of an Unseen Realm - documentary film featuring Dr

Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

This is a little of the Wall for me, but I have to say this Guy put forward some intewresting stuff. Personally I'm not religious as such, but I am spirtual I guess, but this is really refreshing to hear and from a Pheologion Historian as well. Enjoy this documentatry. not quite a MGTOW subject but nether the less it does speak volumes for us the MGTOW or Red Pill.

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TheRedKnight 1 year ago

Hey dude glad u posting alternative stuff I thought I was going to be the only one XD thanks for your contribution to the site :)

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mrghoster 1 year ago

well I believe in Logic and rational thought in this xcvase a Guy who knows his stuff and is not a bible thumper if you see my meaning? i found him very easy to listen to. and thanks for your comment as well, peace bro.

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