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Adobe APOCALYPSE | Users CANCEL Subscriptions After SCARY Leaks About Adobe's New Terms of Service!

Published on 11 Jun 2024 / In Science & Technology

Adobe makes software that has long empowered ordinary people to create graphics, video, audio, and documents, but their latest update to their Terms of Service agreement, an agreement everyone must agree to if they want access to Adobe's subscription-based software, has users SO ALARMED they are vowing to walk away from Adobe and switch to other software suites. What's all the upset about? If you're an Adobe user, you need to watch this video, and evaluate the risks for yourself! #adobe #software #photoshop

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 1 month ago

Adobe lost it years ago, the bug in their programs that have been there for years have never been fixed just more bugs in every release. They haven't upgrade the Premiere Pro or After Effect programs for at least 10 years. The just repackage the same program and re sell it again and again. You also now will never own the programs and have to pay until you die, however long that will be. CS6 was the last best software that you could own. Adobe reminds me very much of EA

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Adobe ARE cunts and always have been......

They are fucking greedy and a huge mind fuck.

In a simple way, it's like buying ONE bolt, TWO washers and ONE nut.

You can buy the unit to perform the one function.

It will be say $10.

BUT Adobe - will sell you the BOLT, and they will sell you a WASHER, and they will sell you another WASHER, and then they will sell you the NUT.

And they will charge $10 for each component.

That is $40 for the 4 parts, instead of $10 for the fastening system.

They do their scam work like this on all their software.

Instead of ONE comprehensive package that does the lot, they make 10 bits of software, that produces each part of the design process.

They GOUGE the purchasers on every bit of the software.

Adobe have been absolute cunts for decades.

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