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Active MGTOW

Zar Kezar
Zar Kezar
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Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

MGTOW is the last bastion of masculinity in the Western world but MGTOW is a philosophy of passive resistance. Male nature is instinctively active. The male sex act is inherently active. During sexual intercourse the male actively penetrates the female. Throughout human history the male gender has always been the active driving force of every tribe and nation by discovering, exploring or conquering new territories. In every civilisation men have actively been the inventors and innovators, the adventurers and risk takers.
I am not going to criticise MGTOW philosophy for being too selfish. In fact I consider selfishness and rugged self interest as one of the primary strengths of our philosophy. Why should we take the weight of the world on our shoulders? If enough men go MGTOW that the economy, and thus society, collapses then that’s society’s fault for being gynocentric. It is not our responsibility to save society. It is only our responsibility to save ourselves as individuals.


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