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A woman says chivalry is dead, and women have caused it.


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Published on 23 Jan 2022 / In Other

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DaveThomas 4 months ago

Lady used to mean: virginal, well mannered, submissive and obedient young woman. Barely any female today check any of these boxes anymore.

   1    0
AvyScottAndFlower 4 months ago

I'm FINE with not be expected to be chivalrous

Fuck that noise, anyway.

   1    0
wayfarer 4 months ago

Small majority of women??
Is that what is called a "minority"?
English, please!

   3    0
GhostPlodderES 4 months ago

Right, women, LIKE YOU, killed chivalry and gloat about it on social media. No going back, you're done.

   4    0
ancientredpill 4 months ago

So you look like you are in your late 30's to mid 40's and you finally decided to say something about Feminism, it must be having an impact on your life,
I notice no ring on that left hand , just saying. You are about 20 years too late sister. The fact is men have learned over the last 20 years especially, that
they do not need women, yes they may get lonely as well but so many of them have had the veil created by the gynocentric government and reinforced
by societal norms lifted from their eyes. They know the juice is not worth the squeeze.

   5    0
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