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A woman is enraged by men who will not commit to her.


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 26 May 2022 / In Other

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

Two equally true answers:
1. No, that's bull, she will keep orbiters and side Chads and she will monkey branch as soon as she'll see a bigger, better deal, and she'll drag your name through the mud when she leaves.
2. These chameleons are soooo predictable. I've never seen one under 25 y/o. This one is at least 27, so her phone stopped ringing because there is plenty of younger booty ready to be called by the players. Now she panicked so she flips the coat and tries to fool beta bucks into lifetime slavery enforced by the government.

   4    0
DutchCobbler 1 month ago

At this point it's gotten so clockwork you can set your watch to it. 20yo = men ain't shit. 25yo= hot gurl summer! 29yo = why is society pressuring me to have a family?! 32yo = where are all the good men? postwall and beyond = "hot cougar" phase or wtf I LOVE THE PATRIARCHY NOW! Someone please pay attention to me....

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Michael_Alexandroff 1 month ago

I was confused at first by what she was saying, but then I realized that she actually believes that we give a rat's ass.

   3    0
Devin 1 month ago

Crazy entitled woman....Hard pass.

   3    0
DutchCobbler 1 month ago

I'm not a trusting man, especially when she's wearing a face that isn't even real. All that makeup just tells me her sense of self worth and confidence are fake, and the act is part of the disguise. Underneath the twelve layers of makeup, horse hair extensions, hoop earrings (red flag), and boss bitch attitude is a scared, burned out, and turned out creature feeling the shadow of the wall drawing upon her.

   3    0
bousso 1 month ago

she is just a cunt they all are.

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