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A woman has an important question for the men....


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Published on 22 Mar 2022 / In Other

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Leader_Desslok 1 year ago  

I might just jump out the window myself . Getting away from a shit tester like her would be worth the risk of injury.

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Penisy 1 year ago

If you choose the cuddle option, you'll have 30 seconds of sticky friction, but then she'll come back with a rape accusation, or it'll just be some kind of accusation that everyone else will take seriously and throw you in jail or get you beat up because women never lie.

   0    0
Straven 1 year ago

Window, hands down.

   1    0
AngelusMorte 1 year ago

toss her out the window, then her cat too!

   1    0
Mr_Sluggo 1 year ago

Easy answer...Out the window you go hoe!!!

   2    0
TheDemonKing 1 year ago

uhm....If I try to cuddle a woman who looks like that she's probably gonna be fuckin the mailman before I finish my breakfast!
I've never had a woman respond well to being treated well so I stopped cuddling them or really caring about them at all.
If you women wanted cuddles,you wouldn't grab my arm and throw it off of you every time I tried to cuddle one of you after sex.
Do you feel like that's not justified?
Well take it up with all the women who absolutely hate cuddling after sex,especially the ones who commanded me to leave and walk home at 2am after the busses stopped running!

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