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A society WILL COLLAPSE when anonymous women have this much power over men.

Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

It's less about Russell, and more about men. Can we survive when media, lawyers and your employment can erase it all over rumors? Russell is unpersoned in 24 hours. He loses everything with no ability to face those destroying him.

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AcquireZeal 8 days ago

It looks like this is an alley-oop tactic. It only works because western societies love to kick men when they're down. The accusations, however sketchy, knock you down, and then your countrymen stomp on you. This tactic wouldn't work if people were not scum. In fairness, the west deserves this.

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Russel Brand on TV denouncing "the corruption" and "the system"......
No wonder they went after him.......

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Mustang 8 days ago

I hope Russell Sue's the crap out of everybody!!!

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Calling All Stations

There is a famous saying that goes something like: "The method your enemy uses to attack you with reveals their greatest fear." On that note I have hinted on some live streams that men in the Manoshpere need to swarm and attack one leftist fool at a time. Go for the rank and file ones. Sic 4chan on them. Doxx them and their family, the works. Crush and humiliate them. The rest will abandon their comrade and eventually run and hide like roaches. I was called an out of control extremist. At that point I told them that they had already lost. Might as well surrender. Understand we are essentially dealing with communists who by their own admission state everything is morally acceptable if it helps them win. We could do less than a tenth of what they do, still maintain the moral high ground and win.

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