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A Salute to Robin Williams | Popp Culture

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Published on 13 Aug 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣August 11, 2020 marked the sixth anniversary of Robin Williams' suicide. The world lost a great man and phenomenal talent. This Throwback Thursday pays respects to his memory and breaks down the ins and outs of why he kicked his air addiction. Bring tissues. It's an emotional ride.

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lordtimelord 1 year ago

Outstanding Video Pop and Blake! Thanks for taking the time to make it!

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Geneo 1 year ago

Jesus dude....outstsnding....when he died i always told everyone about his USO tours...he was the like the next bob hope. they should be naming building in the military after him. i went to a couple bob hope recreation centers... they need some Robin Williams rec centers now too.

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Seb1968 1 year ago

Thank you Popp for that very touching tribute to The Late Robin Williams (R.I.P), that certainly brought tears to my eyes.

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john1178 1 year ago

Popp...you brought a tear to my eyes and a shock to my heart. The poor guy was working himself to death and then to find out that he had developed Parkinson...meaning he would not be able to work and earn the needed cash flow. Them leaches would, in a 100% guarantee, taken him to court for lack of alimony payments and made his remaining days living hell. I salute Robin as in the end these HOES will get NADA, his children will be cared for and for his current wife, If she had a life insurance policy taken out on Robin, will get NADA because Life insurance typically does not pay on suicide.

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doczg88 1 year ago

Robin Williams was the victim of Toxic Feminism.

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RoboCat 1 year ago

Not "toxic feminism" , just feminism.

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jmafa1957 1 year ago

Popp, and Blake, of all the many videos you've made together that I have enjoyed tremendously, this is far and away the very, very best. As a divorced man who will may alimony to his cheating ex forever, I had never even stopped to consider what Mr. Williams endured at the hand of the court. We men MUST rise up against injustice in divorce court. Thank you, gentlemen, for this.

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P_M_S 1 year ago

Then stop getting married and start ignoring woman.

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ExperimentalGroup 1 year ago

Well written and heart felt, Popp. You’re to be commended. I’m glad I subscribed weeks ago

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SQUEAK077 1 year ago

When he interviewed a president on live camera the man said sir you are a great actor. Robin turned to him and said but no sir you are a better actor than me... Obama After Robin died i read he was forced to sell his pride and joy his vineyard he would go to that got him away from society which he loved. After that... note to self cheaper to rekindle go on a cruise and she slips on a god damb banana... so many men i know got fubared by the family court system.

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polyxeros1 1 year ago

i had a rather bad opinion of this man...cause i thought that he did suicide
after your video...
ohhh man...you change a lot my opinion. R.I.P.
thank you and i will try to watch all Robin Williams s movies

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 year ago

Saw Popeye for the first time just recently and really enjoyed it, which surprised me.. kind of like the jodi Foster movie Backtrack.. really enjoyed seeing her act like a woman.. she surprised me..

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Bagoodman 1 year ago

My Skin so Thick you can Stab me and i Don't Bleed . My Heart so Black It's Lost in The Darkness . But even I Had A Tear In My Eye With Taps Today .... RIP Mr Willaams . & Thank You Mr Popp . a slow salute

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Nox1galzu 1 year ago

We need to be mgtow. We need the fall of western civilization. We men became the slaves of the world. Salute to Robin Williams. Salute to every single man who is depressed from the system from the women.

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P_M_S 1 year ago

I was MGTOW long before I knew it's existence. Never married, no kids. But most people here or on other platforms are after divorce which is too late. They supported system of our opression and they should tell anyone who isn't married yet, to stop thinking about it and start ignoring all whamen. AWALT!

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MonkWolf 1 year ago

yeah, almost everyone overlooks his ex-wives when talking about why he did it.....well done popp

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Schattenmann 1 year ago

by some chance, I came upon an advert to a new documentary stating that he was also suffering from a degenerative illness akin to alzheimer. This apparently hit him hard and might have been another reason for his suicide.
As sad as it is, seing his then wife in it left a sour taste in my mouth - to me it felt like she was cashing in on his success and personality one final time.

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Mademyownway 1 year ago

It is sad to see how men get fucked over for YEARS, because of some sloppy c. Marry for 10 years and pay for life and sometimes with their lives.
I met a man years ago, who got the ex-dick up his ass for years. He was depressed and so close to calling it quit. I talked him into traveling overseas with me. We went to Crimea (before Russia took it by force). To see the peace on his face was worth it all.
We came back to the US and I could see a light on his face when we spoke about the trip. After a few more trips, he came back to the US. Sold all his shit and moved to Crimea. He kept his US citizenship, but was able to obtain a Ukrainian Visa. Russia came, he helped the Ukrainian soldiers fall back blocking roads. A true Marine.
He lives in Ukraine now and looks years younger and is healthier. We talk once a week via Skype. He lives like a king and has no plans of ever coming back. He helps in the war zone and helps locals rebuild their home.
Point here is he was about to call it quits. Just like many of us men out here. I have my peace and he now has his.
Guys never let a sloppy c fuck your life. No pussy is worth your life.
Find your peace.

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Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 1 year ago

Robin Williams was a very good gentleman and friend to us all, He had a very good funny personality I liked at mired him a lot, he was such a good man and he deserved no less than what those “horrible” no good rotten scum of the earth bitches did to him. Such a very horrible...horrrrible.......travesty

Those bitches should pay the ultimate price for their unimaginably cruel and unjust actions. Innocent Robin Williams is a marter by suicide from gynocentric abuse.

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