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A Rape Hoax on Campus | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
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Published on 23 Jul 2020 / In Comedy

⁣This Throwback Thursday was chosen to commemorate the false rape allegation against Tucker Carlson. It's not like wahmen have ever lied about rape, right?

Some links:
8 More College Rape Hoaxes: http://dailycaller.com/2014/12..../14/here-are-eight-c
5 Facts about the UVA Rape Scandal: http://thefederalist.com/2014/....12/19/5-shocking-fac

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MGTOW Sensei
MGTOW Sensei 6 months ago

Great content as always.

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Subverted Group
Subverted Group 6 months ago

Feminist predators going after their prey: No mercy, no conscience. The women have no respect for men and they seem to be getting away with their shenanigans.

They need to be taught a lesson -- a very poignant painful excruciating lesson.

The fall of civilization at their own hand should help: Once society is reduced to subsistence levels, it's hard to maintain the luxury of unbridled feminism. Maybe there will be food shortages later this year. Some of these feminists could stand to lose a few pounds.

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skoenig67 6 months ago


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eightyduce 6 months ago

From the horse's mouth: 1st sgt, your doing just fine. I liked the "Message to the silent majority" . I see your your a jones listener too. The texan is on target.
When I hear "Follow me!" I will.
pain makes you stronger? I hope that prick in the "round brown" wasn't lieing to me. ha.

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RoboCat 6 months ago

Still not sure why 'the west' but especially the U.S. doesn't have laws against calumny, I.e.
"Calumny: The act of uttering false charges or misrepresentations maliciously calculated to harm another's reputation."
"Calumny: A false and malicious statement designed to injure the reputation of someone or something."

NOTE: The difference between calumny and things like slander/libel, is that slander/libel are 'civil' issues whereas calumny is a PENAL issue, I.e. a felony, jail, prison, crime, etc.

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john1178 6 months ago

YUP and why can the court not issue charges against the person creating the hoax.

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doczg88 6 months ago

Feminism is toxic supremacist anti male sexist hate movement.

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doczg88 6 months ago

Jackie should be in prison.

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 6 months ago

I understand that females have rape fantasies. They are keen to it insofar that it means they are more attractive than other females; so much so, that men cannot control themselves around them.
I also have read accounts that claim females have intense sexual experiences/orgasms when handled akin to rape.
Perhaps I am being cynical, I do not think rape is an issue for females if the man is a "chad". Any other low level/bottom 80% man and it is a problem. Apparently nowadays looking at a female too long Will be classified as a rape.

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I have a logical solution for all men to the rape hoax epidemic, that being the black-pill.

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Relax with the stupid red-pill shit for now, we already have the artificial womb technology.

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Anathema 6 months ago

jackie belongs in prison for the rest of her life.

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AttilaTheHun 6 months ago

A provably-false allegation should be met with the same punishment that the accused would suffer if convicted. IOW, make a woman making a false rape allegation go to jail for 10 years. We've allowed the definition of rape to be expanded to a degree that was never covered before. That needs to be fixed.

In the past, the deal with rape was the possibility of pregnancy. A man doesn't want to pay for another man's cream pie. One could make the argument that abortion has been considered legal in cases of rape for quite a while. As such, the risk of pregnancy and raising another man's child are mitigated. The cost to women for being raped has been vastly reduced. Seems like the punishment for men should be correspondingly reduced.

The part not mentioned in polite society is men who have been cuckolded. These men are spending their resources on someone else's child; resources that are unavailable to raise their own children. I suspect this was the primary driver for rape punishments in times past.

I think paternity testing should be standard with EVERY birth. And it the kid isn't yours you're able to kick your wife out without a dime. That's actually much to lenient. You are potentially on the hook to fund someone else's child for 18-26 years and your wife is lying to you. She should go to jail the same way that you would if you raped her.

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AbyssWatcher 6 months ago

emm...could you please upload the video that has the mathematical calculation of 500 miles of mr right? Thank you

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wayfarer 6 months ago

Old but gold.

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Sho Shuto
Sho Shuto 6 months ago

Love Blake's Man of Steel shirt o7!!!

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KEEPER 6 months ago

your audio is a bit off popp.
but other than that, good video.

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 6 months ago

And now you know why I call them Gender Terrorists BAD Popp !!!

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LongRedRoad 6 months ago

great old vid!!! and still current

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KEEPER 6 months ago

ok. that would explain the audio sounding a bit off.

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Séan Northern
Séan Northern 6 months ago

Just a thought: First, Bravo Zulu to both of you for two years of the best education available in the Western World.

Second... Nope. Not offended. 1SG... Try harder, for as long as you are able!

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Tucker Carlton, who cares about that thieving cocksucker who gets paid off public extorted money.

   0    3
KEEPER 6 months ago

what makes him a thief? sorry i have to ask the important questions.

   2    0

@Sentient_Of_Truth: He gets paid off taxation and taxation is theft.

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KEEPER 6 months ago

@BlackPilledBeltMonkkido: that's weird. are you sure it's true? because i could have sworn he had sponsors, some even left his show recently. now the other main stream media stations i think are tax funded.

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@Sentient_Of_Truth: Yes they are tax extorted shits!

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