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A Quick Glimpse at Administrative Violence: The Three Rules of War

Published on 03 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣Administrative Violence: Divorce and Custody Edition is here for a limited time!
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HairlessMonkey 1 year ago

Your Three Rules for Winning a War seem to be what the Dems are doing to the country. Destroying the supply chain, Pin us in with the stupidity of wokeism, feminazism and the green puke deal, and through a damaged supply chain they are forcing us to spend our resources on over-inflated costsf or our basic needs. Those Bastards... they're trying to kill Kenny!

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ErickRendoza 204
ErickRendoza 204 1 year ago

Every male judge before hitting the bench needs to be bent over and go through a divorce. Suprised there was not a shortage of rope during the cv fiasco. Start calling it a slip up chinese knot from men fed up with the bs. Look at china people hanging from balconies ... Just make sure you have extra insurance and look over your policy. I do not agree with a few things about what popp said in the past knowing some things in the law can miss direct young men into the lions den. Always use cayenne pepper ) when she is in the er like one buddy did she came home to her crap outside. All this plan...demic did was make asses bigger and wastes bigger than a camel toe stuck to dry ice. Rubbing that bubble will only increase brusing. I see in walmarts lacks of spermicide i guess no shipments are being made into my area. Even KY is behind a glass panel now and you have to ask. I am sorry honey no condom we are going to be using the walmart trash bags from here on out do you prefer 4mm or the regular 6mm.

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GenerationLESS 1 year ago

Not ethical? That's just fighting fire with fire.

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