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A Quick Glimpse at Administrative Violence: Know Your Battlefield

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Published on 01 Jun 2022 / In Other

⁣Administrative Violence: Divorce and Custody Edition is here for a limited time!
Downloadable Version: https://buy.stripe.com/7sI4gM8Mw57v4HC3ci
Physical Copy: https://buy.stripe.com/fZe4gMd2M43rca46ot

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And all these years I thought your hazel eyes were blue.

A statue of Terry being unearthed in Atlantis.
Notice the Azure Blue of his Aryan heritage - with definite genetic links to the Gods of the other worlds in their UFO's.

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Heavyhand 29 days ago

I wish I would’ve had this kind of information before I got divorced. Oh and I do have to say hiring a private detective is just priceless. The look on her face when you tell her what she’s been up to and you have pictures and timestamps.


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