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A Message for the Silent Majority | Live From The Lair

Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣It's time to rise up and prepare. If you don't organize and fight for your country now, it's already over.

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⁣Video Throwback
The Making of the Libtard

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Lucifer333 7 months ago

"Silent majority" is alt right copium......

The right is wrong and the left is stupid.

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sbseed 10 months ago

NRA = shitheads that want to take your guns...
also, why did this not show up properly in my list.... :(

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sbseed 10 months ago

nvm, it was probably uploaded long enough ago that i did not see when i was not using MGTOW regularly.

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critical cracker
critical cracker 1 year ago

hello friends i will catch the next one

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ShadowSonata 2 years ago

One particular thing with forming a group or community. Focus on shared culture, history and beliefs which will help hold things together. Basing it on something superficial like race will give you a group that will either quickly fall apart due to infighting between factions or be easily infiltrated. Avoid the ones that cannot see the forest fire because they are focused on the bark on the tree. Another thing is to vet anyone looking to join up. Check social media posts, look out for the red flags (certain emojis, pronouns, activist terms, etc.) You want to make sure you keep out infiltrators (feds, sjws, "activists", etc.) that will seek to either destroy you from within, agitate for something incredibly stupid that's going to cost you your freedom / life, or take it over. Also look out for the "crazies". The ones who want to start something just because and see your group as a means to carry it out.
Something that's also important is put together a personal library / archive. Books, videos, music, photos, games, recipes, etc. Not just to know more about the past and give others a cultural anchor, but preserve what our society is doing everything they can to edit or erase.

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Lucifer333 7 months ago

Racd identy only exist with white ppl in the diaspora who are rootless,... Usa, Canada, Australia,....turning them into wackjobs... European folk are German, French, English, with seperate histories, totally different lanfuages and cultures..... these are Real nations,.., not some fake degeneracy kept together by low IQ redneck thinking..... Orania is Africaner Dutch,. Etno community..but white yanks think they can actually move to Orania, they wpuld be kicked out just as hard as the blacks.... stupid yanks and their fake jew race ideoligy bullshit........ die already..

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Lucifer333 7 months ago

Fucking android autocompletr fucked up my text

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Free Range Fornicator
Free Range Fornicator 3 years ago

So called silent majority are actually fucking lazy, morally despicable idiots who will point their fingers at this guy and at me for telling the truth and actually trying to do something (well, for this moment I'm not doing anything), because our existence makes them uncomfortable, so fuck them, they deserve to die in whatever happens.

This is a year old video, but the number of historical parallels just keeps growing and unfortunately there is probably nowhere to run.

BTW. I just discovered this guy and I like what he says, because he thinks the same, only that he did much more reading and is much more experienced than I am. I hate the fact that I'm not in US, but in UK and my home country isn't any better and if US goes into civil war, my country will be fucked in the ass without a lube by Russia. And the fact that I have no people around me who think the same frustrates me, no one to talk to, no one to fight with side by side when shit hits the fan. I've been thinking for some time now that I need to find a way to find red pilled men in my area.

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