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A Look At The DogPill

Published on 20 Oct 2019 / In Pets & Animals

This video analyzes women and their love for Fido.

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Robreed 22 days ago

"Rover is part of the family." This is meant to be figurative....meaning one likes the mutt really a lot...Wahmen, in their limited intellectual capacity, take the statement literally...

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Romz 24 days ago

Well if you get a dog you will be more popular with the ladies because it shows that as a man you can look after something else besides yourself. I like dogs i think they make excellent pets but they can't replace human relationships.

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Junglistic 2 months ago

I'd rather a dog then a wife.. Bitches are easy af to get with a different one every week as long as you take care of your body and don't look like a dirt bag and can put an intelligent sentence
together without slurring your words.
You just never let them know where your house is and never pay their way..
A doll is sad af..

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