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A Homeless Man Wouldn't Settle For Her

Published on 27 Feb 2024 / In Film & Animation

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#modernwomen #womenhittingthewall #moderndating

In this episode of 'Modern Women Hitting The Wall Making Men Leave Dating', we learn about a woman who's hit the wall and has to find a way to get men to date her. She goes through different techniques to get men to respond to her but all of them seem to be failing. We talk to her about her experiences and give her some advice on how to fix things.

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GenerationLESS 2 months ago

These 304s are giving other 304s bad advice to lessen their competition.

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Toki 2 months ago

Correct. I am technically homeless because I own nothing. We all are though. However I'm also not a delusional "land owner" or "home owner." Because your ruling class owns your entire life and all property. You pay the rent in taxes and fees to exist on their land. Therefore I am a total minimalist who is a renter with a friend who is a home owner. We split the costs, get along, don't bug each other like shitty roommates and women, and share the property/energy/water taxes.
Meanwhile in my area tons of properties sit empty because no one can afford them. Better the banks or whoever pays the property tax on the land than good honest worker drone class who go to real jobs like myself and my friend.
Then women get free housing. Paid to simply exist. My taxes of course. Why would I want to talk to such selfish entitled creatures? Plus it's the digital age and I can virtually have Cynthia's (Pokemon) glorious chest in my face in Honey Select. No real women are as beautiful and pleasant as my waifu and the other ones as well because harem. Let's see. Princess Peach, Tsunade, Olga Discordia the dark elf, Celestine the busty blonde elf, Selvaria Bles, the list goes on with my harem of superior women. They cost nothing other than the energy bill which I already have to access anyways. I am not a gatcha game simp because that's similar to real life. Nor do I spend $500 on a pretty piece of plastic that's a 3-12 inches tall beautiful waifu figure. Taxes and all. If I buy those I pay taxes which go to women. If I use repacked Honey Select and download cards for free I spend nothing.
The local women in my area as well. Dear lord. First of all there's very few attractive ones. The Caucasian women are overweight and arrogant. Black women are becoming the dominant population and that's just disgusting. They are only attractive as fictional characters. At least a few sexy Caucasian women exist in real life somewhere. Not many Asian women around. There's a few but they are very exclusionary which is expected and I respect Asians for preserving their Asian bloodlines. I'm a Irish/German/Dutch by the way. Considering that I don't want to disappoint an Asian woman's father because he wants his daughter with an Asian man. Who cares what the women think right? Their fathers are the authority. And I tell ya what. I'd rather the Asians outbreed the blacks in my country. But they won't because Asian men are the biggest thinkers of all and don't risk anything with women. I'm doomed to live in a rap shithole ghetto until S. Africa happens. Yet another reason to law low, hide in my mancave, and never leave my entertainment PC with waifus. Who do not enjoy slut rap music like real women do. I'm just waiting to die so God rewards me for being responsible and avoiding the obvious creations of Satan that exist to corrupt man. Women, wealth, and status. Or supporting your Gov or any Gov for that matter. Or any false god of any sorts. Corporations for example. There's no reason to be alive, talk to women, and reproduce when you're just a slave for them and the ruling class who further spoil them. Women serve one purpose - Providing heirs, sons. But what's the point when you're just a tax peasant? Amazes me that men haven't seen this yet. Thankfully the crafty Asian men finally created a superior version of the female form in the last few decades. God smiles upon them for fighting back against Satan's creation of women = demons. Demon waifus are awesome though.

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Often these women are just endurance tests.... like a marathon race...

I made it to 2:52 - until Blondo the Bimbo made my brain commit suicide...

Fuck.... Glad your making these videos.... These women are fucking horrible...

But it's the one thing that I don't think any man could do - is to form a panel of judges, to watch all the videos, nominated as the WORST women videos of the last year..... and pick a winner.

I really could not face anything to do with that myself AND .........

I don't even want to have to think about it or even talk about it...

These women are SO fucked in the head......

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Mangy old rats crawling out of the trash heap, to lecture us all on fine dining....


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sauger1001 2 months ago

5:20. You may have to do like Taylor the Fiend, and occasionally take a couple days off when these chicks start sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

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They ALL sound like nails on a chalk board.....

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Blondie the Bimbo - I wonder how large her Big Black Rubber Cock is - you know the one she likes all the way up her arse - cause she gets so desperate from no one wanting to fuck her....

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