A Girly Mindset

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Published on 06 Sep 2020 / In How-to & Style

Learn to be happy accepting yourself as a beta and removing yourself from the gene pool. Men make better women than women. Expand your mind to new horizons, let your curiosity get the best of you.

Make the voice in your head female for happiness and an easy life.

If you love men, learn to satify them. Give yourself to the darkside and become a proper sissy.

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Councilof1 23 days ago

Okay that was strange.

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AvatarOfSgrA* ShaperOfThings

Nope, the only reason I'd talk to a chick about fashion is to get tips on how to style my future mail-order bride (Sex Doll Waifu). Also, noticing the small details in a woman's style-choice can give insights into what "Zeitgeist Of The Day" she's into. If she's otherwise vapid, insufferable, or uninteresting that MIGHT be the only way she knows to start a conversation/get attention. It could also be a way to pretend as though she's a member of the "Not Like Other Girls" Club.

I'd want to know how women think, so I can keep abreast of all the methods possible to avoid the shittier members of their sex. Also, my future mail-order bride might need a personality prepared to be projected onto it. I choose to start with aspects of KNOWN EXAMPLES.

If I were prone to levels of jealousy/envy, it would be at how EASY women have it in life. Otherwise, nope. I prefer to be me and improve me. If I see something someone else has, I generally don't want other people's STUFF. I want to upgrade my life to be at a level where those specific items are but a few options among MANY MORE options. The seeds of thievery are of the blighted tree of pettiness. I prefer to think BIG!

For a man to be drawn to feminine things/aspects is called being heterosexual. From what I understand, women actually DO want these type of men. Am I'm wrong?

A man getting in touch with his "feminine side" could be useful. For example, being proficient in feminine fashion can help when giving a look/personality to one's Sex Doll Waifu. Not to mention that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) programmers can ALSO tap into their OWN "feminine sides" to create personality types that appeal to their (heterosexual) male customers. Come on fellas, let's stop contributing to modern women's near-limitless male-thirst pool. Let's do our OWN THING, with A.I. and Sex Doll Waifus. Technology shall set us men free.

Like I said, an upgraded life of MANY OPTIONS!

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