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A Culture of Narcissism | Grunt Speak Live

Published on 16 Mar 2023 / In Comedy

Modern women have two responsibilities above all others: Force their views onto others and dodge all responsibility for the fallout.
#GruntSpeakLive #Narcissism #ModernWomen

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AcquireZeal 9 days ago

Narcissists are people who behave like demons. Like you said, they try to tempt you using your passions, aka seven deadly sins. If you don't tune their garbage out, they would happily enslave you in this manner.
It's not just women who are narcissists anymore. In feminized western societies, men have fallen to narcissism because it's effective under our set of rules, which say that harm done by flapping your lips is 100% legal and carries no risk of consequences. The shrinks' estimate of how common narcissism is, it's way below the reality. It's not a single-digit percentage, it's a two-digit percentage, and the first digit isn't 1. Maybe the percentage of people who are born this way are a small percentage, but the percentage of people who behave this way is very high.
To quote a meme, "What is the cure for these disorders? Beatings." Narcissism, especially male narcissism, falls under the umbrella of NBPS: never been punched syndrome.

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Observ1ng 11 days ago

@unwindingcablecar: heh true.

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Ascot Man
Ascot Man 11 days ago

See ya guys

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unwindingcablecar 11 days ago

that was probably the most abrupt stream cutoff lol

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Observ1ng 11 days ago

Happy St Paddy's Day :)

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