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A bill allowing biological father to stop abortion

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Published on 20 Feb 2021 / In News & Politics

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mekkar 2 months ago

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for_Archangel Liberation_Y

The sign, she displays, is really a flag confirming male stupidity. As though a pregnant female in ANY western society could go hungry. The west is very near to implementing "community service orders'' directing males to follow females around with moist towellets in order to wipe their asses after they shit.

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OniriumSage 2 months ago

But now, comedy aside, their gimmick is that they have this plan we cannot be aware of. The freaking 1%, not the herded wonderwemen ! What every self-absorbed emperor in all of history always forgot... human nature. We are monkey. (turdflinging ? nice one !) To put humanity on a leashi is akin to taming a sandstorm. The individual sand grains flying about there, simply don't fucking care. We are almost 8 billion desires pulling in 8 billions different ways. Yea, go tame that motherfucker. We are somewhat chaos. And chaos is not just both ways of duality in the same time, is all ways of it. A can of worms made of ricepaper. Sorry for being poetic, but yes, everyone of us runs down a different road, their own road, and further still, what is inside those 8 billion people's heads, how the hell to know and control that ? The mind is adaptive. It just changes on you, that little sucker. It figures something someday and just snaps. 8 Billion snaps. A ricepaper can of 8 billion snapping worms. How stupid can you be, king?
Control that ?
It is easy, you know.
Pour them on the grass, set them free, they'll still buy your shit, you know.

It is from romance, the true secret to power.

"If you love a bird, set it free. If it returns of its own choice on your finger, she's yours."

That's how stupid you always were, Rothschild dude.

WE WANT TO CARE, WE LIKE IT, WE LOVE IT, set us free, just sell sugar cubes, and we'll pay you the world, you see.

Caging is only the pat to rage. To blow-out, to rip you, to your rich world shall forcibly change.

Bur ego, too much of it, causes blindness, you see.

That is the last stage of the, power corrupting, disease.

And then, they smash their heads on reality's hard wall, and it is...

They lost

So fuck you now, Rothie fella, Rotten child

Understand this, if you would have been kind...

If we would have been free, and you just sold honest sugar

what WE dream of, you see

we would have ben our leash to you, whould had be brother, you see

but as such....

Fuk You

Jesus, Buddha, and Bob Jah, that's why

c'mon boys, we here have a city of awesome


google translate this one

Șefu’, să mă sugi de un coi, târâ-mi-aș ciorapii pe coliva mătii. Ia-ți MGTOW in găoz, să-ti tremure flocii.

Yea, we bad boys.

Hang tough, bros !!!

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OniriumSage 2 months ago

Aaaah, crap, Google Translate is a moron. It means this: Boss, suck my ball., I'll be dragging my sweaty socks on your mother's funerary cake. Take some MGTOW up your asshole, so your bush starts to tremble. Braila gangstas. Go figure.

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OniriumSage 2 months ago

Sooo, can someone with actual talent make a funny clip out of that last comment of mine? Yea, I'm drunk. Sorry. Uhh !

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OniriumSage 2 months ago

Ok, seen the whole clip, ready to comment ( of course drunk as fuck )

First off: awol201 was right, Ken, it is a homerun. You just put it into the pigeon's eye. Just like that.

Second, let me clarify: making sure I might one day Chris Rea style protect and make smile my very own Julia baby girl, is ALL I accepted being both history's, vagina's and Rockfellas slave for. You take THAT away from me, here's what gonna happen:

first, one by one, then more and more happy cows begin to fly away

second, you remember you have laws, because your billions stream starts going thinner day bay day

then, you remember police have handcuffs and guns, as Annonimous and all MGTOW spin-offs start spiralling out of control, and chaos begins embracing your once happy little global farm

fourth, you remember your doggie boys doped on pride, wearing camo, have them big guns

then it all goes wacked, 2050 finally arrives, we remember we are, after all, 8 fucking Billions, while you, some rich weenies and some hysterical cunts

then the planet goes to war

bum bum, badaboom, big bada-boom

then you all fuckerrs are dead, because us peons we were just too many for your bullets, satellites, biological weapons and nukes

we build the world back, 'cause we've been doing that since the birth of civilization anyways

an agricultural world of villages, technology, calm patriarchy, bountifullness, networked independent union and peace

while you ? what did you get out of all that ?

you're now dead.


John said.

But you were just to proud to listen, so next

It was only the end of YOUR world

you imbecile king and your courtesans and dogs

we inherited the Earth

Because Daddy said.

So go ahead now, run amok, it is your time, then next

Fuck You, that's what.

Was it worth it?

Shithead ?



So kiss my brown eye !

King dying.

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OniriumSage 2 months ago

Ken, I'm like, 50 seconds into the first clip I see from you and, have to say it: In that sperm cell is half HIS genome. We ain't in no blind religious Dark Medieval Age no more. That's HIS FLESH AND BLOOD, also, His living little son or daughter she's murdering.

THE FATHER MUST HAVE A SAY IN IT !!!!!. Otherwise, fuck you, society and your laws and rulers, fuck you women, have children with dirty bums and billionaires that wipe their aholes with you, fuck you survival, world, and all. If I can't even prevent both the future of my species and my baby from being murdered, I'm fucking you all, and breaking so bad, you'll regret it, until you understand the meaning of moderation in all. You wanted force-made criminals to wreck your pretty ranch society? You murdered my baby, Rockefeller bitch ! So I'ma fucking rape your yard now, coz I got nothing left to make a future for.

Or, I'm going MGTOW, and eat me !

Was that what you were trying to achieve, king, woman ? Con effing gratulations. Have a cookie. Yes, we did tell you so. Bye-bye.

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Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn 2 months ago

But the bill will go nowhere, especially on Left Coast States!

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awol201 2 months ago

Another homerun

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Hammerhand 2 months ago

Mr. Ken DelRican gentleman.

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KenDelrican 2 months ago

Mr. HammerHand The MGTOW Monk keep banging those videos sir stay mgtow

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