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98% of women bring nothing to the table, except problems, & are nothing but trouble. Compilation #5


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 21 May 2022 / In Other

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billclay073 1 month ago

Have people got so lazy that they can't even use their own voice in a tiktok video? They have to lipsync ? Anyway, I don't care if these hoes dance it up. Nice to look at, but I will not throw any $$ at it. All the simps paying $$ for hoes on twitch/onlyfans have serious problems.

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joolco22 1 month ago

OMG is this a THOT patrol, more skank than a barrel full of THOT's

   1    0
billclay073 1 month ago

Vast majority are all skanks man. If you were a hot chick in 2022, you'd be banging everything too. The media and social culture of the west literally trains them to be absolute whores

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

@billclay073: The (((MEDIA))) and social culture is 100% JEWISH. This is NOT new. The exact same kind of degeneration went down in 1920's Germany, the exact same (((CAUSE))) was found, and the exact same hard evidence was found. http://entityart.co.uk/wp-cont....ent/gallery/zionism-

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bousso 1 month ago

this compilation of cunts feels like a fucking nightmare....

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Unsocialisme1 1 month ago

Whores for Chad, using Simpy Beta Bux. Walk away from the insanity and be healthy, wealthy, and happy.

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NoFemVAL 1 month ago

Christ, so glad I took the red and went mgtow......life so much better without cunt. Wish I had all those years of money back, time back energy back wasting time with countless cunts.

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