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98% of women bring nothing to the table and are nothing but trouble. Compilation.


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 25 Mar 2022 / In Other

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zeitgeisteater 6 months ago

And the irony is: parents used to tell me to behave.

   3    0
bigintol03 6 months ago

My skank-o-meter just blew up!

   6    0
Mr_Sluggo 6 months ago

This is what feminism brought us gentlemen.
Aren't you grateful yet?

   4    0
slapmonkey 6 months ago

Positive affirmation. Just remember ladies you asked for this. The more of these video's pop up the better i feel about being in monk mode. Thanx Wolf.

   9    0
Councilof1 6 months ago

They see themselves as nothing but a collection of holes but then expect respect from men. Talk about mental Olympics.

   8    0
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