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88 Year Old Mans House Is Set On Fire On His Birthday

Published on 14 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

This is typical of just how stupid women ARE. This dumb father fucker, sets up a LIT candle in front of the curtains of an open window, during broad day light...

(read as candle + day light = no point lighting it. Putting it in the way of curtains, on an open window, where the curtains blow in over the candle = is she fucking stupid = yes.)

AND when the curtain catches fire, she does not run into the kitchen and start bringing pots full of water, and throwing them over the fire, and she could of EASILY put the fire out....

No she starts to assure dear old dad, who wants to put the fire out, that everything is all right, when it's not, and then proceeds to restrain him and then get another person to help her wheel him out, while the fire goes from an easily extinguished start, to where the situation gradually gets hotter and bigger and then the house, for all intents and purposes, is a gonner......

The fucking retarded cunt.

Smack her on the head with a cricket bat and throw her in the dumpster.

Because MORONS like her, will get you killed, you know, Princess Valium decides to create her own defensive driving course.... starting with running stop signs.

This fucking idiot is nothing but a liability.

The element of the story - don't team up with STUPID fucking women.


I would not have put it past her to do this as an insurance job on dads house.... actually.

Many women are nothing more than scheming gutter rats......


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FL_Steve 4 months ago

My dumb ass ex-wife did that once set up a candle next time to cheap as decoration by the front door. I wasn't home at that time but arrived just in time to put out the decoration that was engulfed but had not yet caught anything else on fire. It was right next to a wall. So a few minutes later and the whole house would have gone up. Women and fire are a dangerous combo.

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Hammerhead69 4 months ago

Was she trying to kill the old boy?

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