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70 Year Old Women Can Now Have Kids?

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 13 Jul 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣From my 2019 to 2020 content produced after my youtube channel “The MGTOW Philosopher” was banned in January of 2018. This is from my new show “The Realist Philosopher.” Posting a lot of my content from oldest to newest, so stay tuned. Other platforms I'm on, and social media links can be found below ;)

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intipampa 24 days ago

why would ANY woman want to have kids that late in the game?

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Wolf_joseph 25 days ago

Downy babies rise up

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mgtowlive 25 days ago

Old enough to be a grand mother for shame

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Arealgoodusername 25 days ago

Sorry but at 65 they would have to get an artificial insemination. Cause they sure as hell ain't dating men at that age when they look like raisins.

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Arealgoodusername 25 days ago

Lol by the time those kids hit 15 their moms are already dead. Who will take care of them?

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