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70 Year Old Woman Wants Me To Sleep Over! Inside Of Her! - MGTOW

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Published on 14 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Scott and he has a bit to say so before I get to it let me first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back, to clown work. A little bit later I'll get to the part about the 70 year old woman that wants me to come over and stay inside her pink room but first here's what Scott has to say and I quote: "Hey Sandman, This is an observation on cancel culture which emphasizes passive aggressive actions in terms of censorship, doxxing and shadow bans;; and the underpinnings of what drives these actions. I am of the impression that the empowerment messages that are promoted by popular culture towards women are confronting a disconnect in terms of social media vs. The social hierarchy that exists outside of it. Women are constantly offered up validation towards entitlement in television, movies and commercialized propaganda. Women are also able to find and receive validation on social media that can offer dopamine fixes. The problem is that this is not experienced in real life. The woman who is told she can have it all is clearly not receiving it all in terms of her options in life. The woman that is told she is beautiful, powerful and deserving doesn’t see this in the mirror as more women are facing obesity and a lack of marriageable partners. The woman who is told she can have children and a family is more likely to live below the poverty line as more children are born out of wedlock and raised in single family households. The United States in particular has the highest percentages in the world. Women are not going to reject the messages of validation and attention because this is how female nature creates self esteem and self worth. This is why when women complain about their problems they are not looking for solutions so much as empathy and validation from others. They do not want to feel kind they are alone but in the real world they increasingly are. The disconnect between the virtual superwoman and the real life woman is now so great that when anyone argues or seeks to dispel these notions of entitlement or attack the mechanisms that offer this validation? Women look at it as a direct attack on their character and self esteem and react to it as if directly threatened. In response women take action typically through shaming language at the oppressors of their validation. Female nature also pursues passive aggressive responses to these forces that they believe are threatening them either by rhetoric or simply existing which is where MGTOW comes into play. Women by nature do not launch direct assaults. They are more inclined to flank their issues and attack them accordingly. And their only recourse is to censor the detractors in order to spare the woman’s feelings while preserving their message and the commercial implications of it which in turn generates profits for them. In a consumer culture women make determinations towards 80% of goods and services. Corporations have acknowledged this and their messages do as well since they are in business to generate profit and act as “super simps” towards those ends. Other groups have noted this phenomenon and as far as their messages go they have seen how the system works and as consumers want the same solution to their online problems because what they also espouse in theory is not supported in their lives.

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Vandetta 20 days ago

Mate Gandalf the Grey looks way better than most Women past 30

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RoboCat 24 days ago

I might consider boning a 70 year old woman....... if I were over 100.

Even then, in the unlikely event that I survive to be over 100 years of age, there will probably be .... actually no, even with modern dolls I would prefer that over a 70 year old woman. I would never bone a 70 year old woman.

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OniriumSage 25 days ago

Sand, first I thought my mind was tired or whatnot, but later when I watched a somewhat older clip (months), I actually noticed, your tempo (?) was calmer and the clips could be understood well, style not discussed here, but latest clips (2) seem a storm that rather than overwhelm, disconnect and bore. Caught my mind detaching and wandering, because the speed and linearity makes it loose track. Maybe I'm just oversensitive or deluded, please verify.

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hqwebsite 25 days ago

GILF. Being a motherf*cker is rock bottom enough (yes, avoid single mother). Being a grandmotherf*ucker is a bottomless chasm.

   2    0
zdoctor 25 days ago

the best thing you can do is walk off the stage and let the whaman become homeless over time living in the basement with a cat.

   2    0

the title alone is disgusting!

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Sir 25 days ago

Good points, Sandman.

   4    0
One_Ronin 26 days ago

Sandman, thanks for taking one for the team, we've all been there done that at one point.

   4    0
havok545 25 days ago

I can only do it if her head is under the blanket giving me a hummer while I'm watching porn or watchnig a younger woman masturbate or dance in front of me

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