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7 NON-NEGOTIABLE Goals Men Must Achieve BEFORE 40


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Published on 26 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

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7 NON-NEGOTIABLE Goals Men Must Achieve BEFORE 40 (The ULTIMATE Truths...) | HIGH Value Men | self development coach. This is also the key to work motivation. Masculine energy and frame.

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Great video and som great advice, I'm with Hammerhand tho if a video or anyway talks about frame and High value nonsense. It belongs in the Trash and don't bother with it anymore.

A real high value man doesn't chase Fake money and real or fake pussy. HIGH VALUE MAN is A Man that has a true intense deep connection with God and God's love and able to get many to reconnect back to God with own Honest earnest and Truthful Actions that's a real true High value man.

Amen Godbless and Godspeed

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TheRedKnight 1 year ago

ye, I dont really get the whole alpha male stuff lol. Never have, never did, I just wanna be on the right side of the apocalypse (Gods side) when all this falls apart :P

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@TheRedKnight: Facts brother Facts. AMEN \G/

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Not bad. I have done some of these and I have fallen from some... I work like 60 hours a week... so I let myself eat fast food or Deli prepared food for awhile... That's a habit I need to get out. Since the Lockdown and Plandemic, my health has declined, but I had started to work out again and try to reign in my life. I almost reached not being paycheck to paycheck like three times-- the best one was right before the Lockfown, I was about to be a month ahead of my bills... back to trying to accomplish that again....

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