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611 The Masculist Humbling of Women (Masculism, MGTOW)

Published on 30 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits & Activism

de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers

Flyer No. 611
Title : The Masculist Humbling of Women
Text URL : https://profhugodegaris.files.....wordpress.com/2023/0
All Flyers URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpress.com/masctemp/
Book : MASCULISM, Mens Rebellion Against Being Manslaves to Women, An e-Textbook of 600+ Masculist Flyers for Mens Studies Courses; by Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, (freely downloadable, in MS Word format, from) https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/masculism-me
Descr : Masculists are fed up with the monoconscious arrogance and gender political bias of feminazis, and crush them in public when they come across women who preach that women are morally superior to men, etc. This flyer supplies masculist arguments that men and boys can use to crush feminazi arrogance, which is more a religion to women than fact. Masculist superiority arguments are much more science based, and hence stronger than feminist superiority arguments.

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