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5G is nothing compared to phucktards voting for pedos

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Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

Ive had a shower and more shadenfruader on bitchute. gave me a touch of energy. The trolls kept comming but i thought games got more difficult as time goes on. not this case. it got easier.
What 5G is doing to me is NOTHING ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING compared to what tax payers vote and pay for.

Theres one thing knowing it and you have no choice and theres another turning a blind eye and pretending it doesnt happen. Everyone with a brain with any maturity and morality knows that we are run by [pedos. Yet truthers and alike still have to commune with these pedo voting phucktards.

Again if you are aware and its effecting you. Thats perfectly fine. It makes you human. How ever if you take it on the chin and carry on like nothing.... all i can say is where is your soul.

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