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50.Lubdan The Leprechaun (Top Horror Killers Villains Antiheroes)

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Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Film & Animation

⁣Never steal a leprechaun's gold because you won't know what the consequences will be, Lubdan The Leprechaun is ranked 50.
50.Lubdan The Leprechaun
⁣48.Bo Sinclair
⁣47.Buffalo Bill / Jame Gumb
⁣45.Guillermo Inchausti
⁣44.Carla Duvall
⁣42.Vincent Sinclair
⁣41.Craig The Creep
⁣38.Mary Shaw
⁣37.Regan Teresa MacNeil
⁣36.La Garza
35.⁣⁣Norman Bates
⁣33.Benjamin Ben Willis The Fisherman
⁣32.Pennywise The Dancing Clown
⁣31.Manuel Dyer
⁣30.Tom Ripley
⁣29.Miss Tori Black / Catherine Tramell
⁣28.Dr. Herbert West
⁣27.The Tall Man
⁣26.Vanessa Redland
⁣25.Jeremy Melton
⁣23.Tamara Riley
⁣22.Thomas Reddman
⁣21.Valerie Spiro
⁣20.Mrs. Janet morello
⁣17.The Creeper ⁣
16.Wishmaster ⁣
15.Eleanor ⁣
14.Victor Hatchet Face Crowley ⁣
13.Andy Richards ⁣
12.Catherine Tramell ⁣
11.The Wolf⁣ Man ⁣
10.Bill Gates ⁣
9.Dra. Carla lucero ⁣
8.The Devil ⁣
7.Dracula ⁣
6.Ash Williams ⁣
5.Otis B. Driftwood
4.Patrick Bateman
3.Dr. Oliver Thredson
2.Hannibal Lecter
0.Michael Myers
-1.Jason Voorhees
Freddy Krueger

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